Our style guide for the holiday season

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” some will say. Despite 2023 not exactly offering just that this December, we still wanted to shed light on some regional designers in this festive style guide to give you some ideas when planning for your next end-of-year parties outfits.
Whether you prefer more classic designs or are all about going all out, here’s our selection from cute Little Black Dresses (LBD) to -literally- pink feathers.

We love: The Holiday collection by Mach & Mach

Feathers are always a good idea

We see this look on: Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

We recently discovered 12Storeez, a Russian label that just opened two stores in Dubai, one in Marina Mall and one in world-famous The Dubai Mall. Betting on premium fabrics and classic cuts, they infused their Festive Collection with dashes of color, feathers and other tweed and sparkles.
To compliment this knitted top & skirt duo, what better than to choose Lebanese designers for your accessories; here we opted for a pair of all-time favourite Vanina Sandals, the oh-so-cool chili earrings by Alexandra Hakim and a silver clutch by Foux.
That’s a very main character look and who doesn’t love a bit of attention more than a fire sign?

Fragrance recommendation: Vanilla 28 , Kayali

1-12STOREEZ Festive Collection feather top & skirt
2-VANINA “Fleur D’Eté” Sandals
3-ALEXANDRA HAKIM Silver Spiral Chili earring
4-FOUX Kim bag in silver

A cute LBD* or nothing

We see this look on: Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

One one the young Arab designers we’ve followed for a long time and have loved every single collection of, Autonomie comes back with a new drop and we’re going to need this Harmonia dress to grace our dressings asap.
Sorry for the conservative ones out here but we’ll have to speak against this dusty style advice that says you shouldn’t mix gold/bronze with silver and do it anyway because why not?
This pair of Kim sandals by footwear queen Amina Muaddi is both minimalist and bold, leaving some space to this gorgeous Miu Miu Wander bag to shine inl the spotlight.
To add a touch of drama (water signs love a little of it don’t they?) we picked this pair of Queen Bee earring by Turkish jewelry designer Begüm Khan.

Fragrance recommendation: Althaïr, Parfum de Marly

1-AUTONOMIE Harmonia dress
2-AMINA MUADDI Kim sandals in silver
3-MIU MIU Mini Wander bag
4-BEGÜM KHAN Queen Bee earrings

The modern Greek goddess

We see this look on: Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

We L-O-V-E anything by Jordanian-Greek designer Nafsika Skourti but this trophy gown is particularly incredible. To add to this sculptural look, we chose a pair of heels by Emirati label Bivalve, earrings by our recent jewelry crush, Bea Bongiasca and a mini shopper bag by Egyptian sister duo Okhtein – in Zebra, to add a dash of je-ne-sais-quoi that elevates the whole outfit.

Fragrance recommendation: Royal Sapphire, Thameen

2-BIVALVE Crocco Royal Black Stiletto
3-BEA BONGIASCA Vine’Pave Earring in Drop Shape
4-OKHTEIN Mini Shopper Bag in Zebra

Cinderella 2.0

We see this look on: Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)

Leave it to &Other Stories to have you looking fabulous without spending the big bucks. Every year, their Festive Season Collection goes above and beyond to make sure we look like we’re about to attend the grand ball of our lives. Taffeta, volume, glitter, sequins, velvet, bows… they don’t spare us anything, and we’re here for it.

We chose this off-shoulders balloon dress for its elegance and shape that is both vintage yet so modern. To spice it up, a pair of dazzling Charlotte 95 by Amina Muaddi, some ear sparkle by Maria Tash and a gorgeous “lagon” green clutch by Moynat.
How to look perfectly chic in 2 minutes.

Fragrance recommendation: Valaya, Parfum de Marly

1-&Other Stories Off shoulders Balloon dress
2-AMINA MUADDI Charlotte 95 Pump in Black & Crystals
3-MARIA TASH Grand Marquise Pear Diamond Echo Earring
4-MOYNAT Gabrielle Clutch in Lagon

Cover picture: Mach & Mach