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Narinée Tchilinguirian is a Milan based interior architect and multitalented designer of Armenian origins who was born and raised in Beirut.

Narinée grew up in a family of designers and her passion for design arose early in her life.

After graduating from the Lebanese American University of Beirut with High Distinction and the President’s Award, she started collaborating with design firms in the Lebanese capital.


Narinée completed two Masters degrees at Politecnico di Milano in Product and Furniture design and Innovative and Multidisciplinary Design (part of the Alta Scuola Politecnica system), degrees she earned with distinction.

Product design, interior architecture, and a faculty member in LAU, Narinée has been exploring every field of her expertise since 2011. But determined to make her thesis (‘Beyond traditions: Armenian Contemporary Design’)  an actual project, she eventually launched her namesakes brand.

Design, architecture and spaces are the common thread of the brand pieces that if they are minimal remain bold and extremely refined.

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