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Azerbaijan-born Faig Ahmed has found the perfect mix between tradition and modernity. Faig’s signature is the use of old decorative craft worked in a contemporary way resulting in a very conceptual work, taking life under the shape of carpets.

Ahmed’s artworks ally very ancient to hyper-modern through distortion, pixilation, melting paints, 3D shapes …

Living and working in Baku, Faig Ahmed has been exhibited world-wide from Paris to Dubai through Moscow and Berlin.

In his Artist Statement, Faig declares to be “exploring ancient traditions, cults and cultures” He says to be “In love with textile, patterns and ornaments.” As for his inspirations, he mentions the travels, of all kind: “By saying travel I mean either physically travelling to other countries where I can find and explore traditions and cults spread on this certain territory; or travelling in my subconsciousness, different practices and meditations,”

Find out more about Faig Ahmed here

Currently exhibited in SAPAR CONTEMPORARY in New-York.



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