New-York Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 20/21 | Our Top Picks

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As the Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 edition of NYFW came to a close, JDEED looked back at some of the looks that made the week even more exciting. From monochromatic bi-textured looks at Marc Jacobs to mixes of Jacquard at Rodarte, the city that never sleeps announced a funky next season.




Wrap it up in wool ! The more layers the merrier next season at Michael Kors. Plissés are the shining stars, coming in silver and gold, enhancing simple but efficient Winter tones like grey or black.

Ponchos and riding boots add an equestrian feel to this collection that can ultimately be described as cosy chic.








Suggestive shoulders, legs covered in sexy over-the-knee leather boots, electric red: the Proenza woman of next Winter is a mix of fierce and reserved. On the skirt side,  the duo is shifting from the midi length, one of the brand’s signature, to go shorter and overall, sexier.







Leave it to Marc Jacobs to spice up this whole week of Fashion. Monochromatic silhouettes, mixes of fabric, some zebra prints, some leather: the Punk era takes over 2020 with a soft twist.

Miley Cyrus made a cameo, giving the whole show an extra whiplash. It was a pure Jacobs’ magic trick that ended NYFW on a high note.







When you can’t choose what extra to add, just don’t; go all out. That’s the motto Christian Cowan seems to be following: sequins, fireworks, leopard, sometimes all at once; ordinary isn’t in Cowan’s vocabulary.

A collaboration with LeSpecs brought to life some very cool shades we can’t really see ourselves wear but that would dazzle in some photoshoot. The dresses’ lengths too aren’t exactly the easiest for winter but nothing should stop you, once equipped with some glittery tights.






UGH! There goes our heart. Print mixes, puffed sleeves, 40s’ looking silhouette: sisters Laura and Kate Mulleavy drew inspiration from Francis Ford Coppola’s interpretation of the Dracula book by Bram Stoker (1897) to deliver a collection that shifted from airy polka dots to chic goth as the went silhouettes by.

It’s real Rodarte, just a bit more furious.





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