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Lvfromshop is our new favourite cool sensation, based out of Amman, which doesn’t come as a surprise knowing the hype potential of this city that hides much more than many would think. From Tania George to MyKali, Shukri Lawrence (the WifiRider who got I-D and Paper Magazine approved) and a Design Fair that left us flabbergasted, Lvfromshop, a recently launched concept that recycles vintage clothes to turn them into desirable pieces just emerged from Instagram, proving us once again the undeniable interest of the social media platform in the fashion/art/design industry.


JDEED let Melika and Moe, the founders, introduce themselves, cause who else could better do so?



“LVFROMMSHOP is us Melika and Moe, based in Amman, Jordan. We started about eighteen months ago when we met and realized we shared the love for searching for rare pieces of clothes around town and playing with them. So we came up with our concept which is that we do COLLECTED AND LIMITED (yes they insist) clothing pieces. We either sell the pieces as they are or up-cycle them and change their designs… Or we get an idea or an inspiration and create pieces from scratch. We use different materials, preferably recycled ones that we find. We will also collaborate with artists to create LIMITED (insisting again) pieces. We started selling on Instagram and in markets around Amman. Our latest collaborations are selling in an event in Amman, called Congo Underground until February and also at General.3am’s store in Dubai this December.



So after doing this for a while, we started to be aware of our fascination with this process, Amman is our playground. We move all around and play with others to create each piece. It can start with the people who preowned the pieces, or who made them, who put them on a plane or a boat or in a bag, to the ones who help us transform or create them, sew and tailor them, make cuts and patches, to the person who silkscreens our name tags and the person who made some bags from his leftover materials, not realizing they would become our selling bags. The result of each round of the game is an original piece like no other, with its own unique story and history. And when its ready, we meet it again, we try it out, shoot it, see if we like it, maybe we sell maybe we don’t, and so it goes. ”


Yalla, waste no more time and head to their Instagram.








Credits /

Shot and Edited by Omar Shaheen

Styled by Fadi Zumot

Designed and Collected by Melika Quteishat and Mohammad ElTayyeb 


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