Meet Nicoletta Ginetti, designer of The Giving Movement’s new luxury line “FIFTY MADE”

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“FIFTY MADE is a very special project that has been years in the making and we’re extremely thrilled to see it finally come to life. It’s going to be an extraordinary journey with big things coming your way very soon,” introduces Dominic Nowell-Barnes, Founder of The Giving Movement (TGM). If you live in the Middle East and haven’t heard of Dubai-based label TGM, chances are you either haven’t left your house in a few years or, live under a rock. That said, fear not, JDEED is here for a little refresher and even to give you some updates about their new luxe line, FIFTY MADE.

A blend of “edgy, semi-formal sophistication and surrealism-inspired elements,” the brand borrows its codes to sportswear, TGM’s forte, all while injecting a futuristic-chic flavour to their designs. Another key element that is reflected here is the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility with every pieces of the drops only produced in 50 units, therefore limiting excess and waste.
Curious as we are, we wanted to chat with the brand’s designer Nicoleta Ginetti – former Head Of Womenswear at Philipp Plein and Cavalli alumni – to understand more about what this new label is all about.

By Cynthia Jreige

Nicoletta Ginetti

Hello Nicoletta and congrats on FIFTY MADE – can you tell us about how the brand came to life and how your work journey with FIFTY MADE started?

Hello, and thank you so much! FIFTY MADE has been a labor of love, a fusion of creativity, and a celebration of craftsmanship. The brand emerged from a shared vision among Dominic and I, who sought to redefine luxury streetwear with a distinctive, homegrown touch. We shared a passion for pushing boundaries and creating a brand that resonates with individuals seeking a unique blend of luxury and streetwear.

What is the goal of FIFTY MADE and how will it revolutionize the fashion landscape ?

FIFTY MADE’s goal is to revolutionize the fashion landscape by challenging conventional norms, celebrating diversity, and offer a fresh perspective on luxury streetwear. We believe that fashion is an art form, and through our brand, we aim to inspire individuals to embrace their individuality and express themselves boldly.
FIFTY MADE’s end goal is also to be a standard-bearer for eco-conscious and sustainable fashion practices. We believe that style and sustainability can co-exist harmoniously, and through our brand, we invite our community to join us on this journey towards a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible future.

What are the eco-conscious steps that the brand has taken ?

Sustainability is a slow but steady journey we’re carefully walking towards. FIFTY MADE prioritizes sustainable material sourcing, adheres to ethical manufacturing standards, minimizes waste in production and uses eco-friendly packaging. We also promote transparency, offering insight into the garment journey, and emphasize on a long-lasting design philosophy to discourage fast fashion. The brand actively engages with its community, advocating for sustainability and encouraging mindful consumption. FIFTY MADE strives to be a leader in sustainable streetwear, innovating in the fashion industry for a more environmentally friendly future.

For the fashion enthusiasts, my advice would be to (…) discover your niche, learn the ropes through internships and courses, build a strong network, (…) and above all, stay true to yourself.

How would you describe the fusion of Italian craftsmanship and the savoir-faire of the Dubai-based team?

FIFTY MADE achieves a unique synergy by merging Italian craftsmanship’s traditional excellence with the modern savoir-faire of Dubai. The brand seamlessly blends attention to detail and quality, inspired by Italian heritage with a contemporary and cosmopolitan edge from the dynamic atmosphere of Dubai. This fusion results in a sophisticated collection that marries classic elegance with innovative style, showcasing FIFTY MADE as a brand that harmoniously balances tradition and futurism.

If you had to choose just one, what would be your favourite piece in the first drop and why?

I have many favorites but the winner is definitely the Monogram Trench Coat. It’s a perfect representation of everything FIFTY MADE stands for. Also, it’s perfect for Dubai winters.

What are the ambitions of the brand and how would you like to see it evolve?

FIFTY MADE’s ambitions are expansive, aiming for global recognition in luxury streetwear, sustainability leadership, and continuous innovation in design. Hopefully in the near future, FIFTY MADE would have built a strong, engaged community, fostered collaborations and partnerships, and expanded its retail presence.

What would be your advice to young people who want to start a career in fashion?

For the fashion enthusiasts, my advice would be to follow your passion and persist in building a career in the industry. Discover your niche, learn the ropes through internships and courses, build a strong network, stay inspired by embracing new trends, view failures as opportunities for growth, showcase your work confidently, and above all, stay true to yourself. The fashion world is dynamic and exciting, so enjoy the journey and let your authenticity shine.

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