These are the regional jewelry designers we have our eyes on

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Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Regional designers know a thing or two about crafting incredible pieces of jewelry. From Qatar to Saudi, here’s our round-up of the brands currently on our radar.

Kaltham’s Pavilion

Born in Doha, Qatar in 2018, Kaltham’s Pavilion is a marriage of both Kaltham, the founder’s first name and the word Pavilion, which, if you didn’t know (well – we didn’t) means the lower part of the diamond. The pavilion actually plays the most important part in what makes a diamond shine and sparkle.

With a wish to create jewelry that stands out using only the finest quality and craftsmanship, Kaltham’s Pavilion quickly became known for their incredible colored sapphires, diamonds and other precious gemstones set in 18 karat gold. For Kaltham, bringing joy to her customers is the ultimate goal.

The brand also beautifully represents the Qatari culture and values elegantly, all while incorporating tradition, heritage and nature into their fine jewelry pieces.

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FHK By Style Gallery

Contemporary Emirati label FHK by Style Gallery knows a thing or two about stylish pieces. Based in Abu Dhabi, the brand specializes in everyday jewelry, remaining accessible and addressing more specifically a younger audience that loves to be sophisticated.

The cultural heritage of the UAE being at their core, FHK’s founder, Fatma Hamad Al Ketbi, successfully marries tradition with innovation, offering a modern interpretation of Emirati culture.
Fatma’s father, Hamad Suhail Al Ketbi, was the visionary behind FHK’s parent company, Style Gallery. Today, his daughter continues the legacy by creating contemporary, and wearable art, inspiring FHK’s distinctive collections such as Al FakhrA Tribute to National Pride or Sway With MeCelebrating the Rhythm of Life.

Bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, the brand’s strength lies in a rich heritage spanning two generations; continuing to create extraordinary pieces that transcend time and ensure that Style Gallery’s legacy remains and transpires in every FHK design.

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Behind Obari, brand extraordinaire, is Saudi gemologist and jewelry designer, Danah Alfayez, whose background in gemology includes studies at the prestigious GIA in London. While her innovative and distinctive designs are the reason behind the establishment of fine jewelry brand Obari, it’s her knowledge and passion for fine jewelry, found in every single of her creation, that makes the brand completely unique.

Committed to delivering only excellence, Danah applies her craftsmanship and expertise in each and every single one of her designs. Showcasing her unparalleled gemstone knowledge, creating each piece is almost as creating treasures; acquiring a piece of Obari is making a timeless investment that while leave you sophisticated through time, no matter which era of your life you’re in. An accredited jewelry professional, Alfayez’s dedication to continuous learning can be observed as she pursues multiple jewelry courses, including pearl grading and jewelry design. 

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Dubai-based label Abalii is not just another jewelry brand; Abalii celebrates individuality, self-expression, and exceptional design. With perfect craftmanship, Abalii’s pieces become part of the wearer’s journey, commemorating their live’s most significant moments and being an ode to their individuality.

Emphasizing on elevating their customer’s style with ethereal gemstones and artistic designs, Abalii’s pieces truly become the perfect means for affirming one’s singular aesthetic while proposing exquisite gold and an unmatched savoir-faire.

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ZALXNDRA is a distinguished luxury brand that proposes a fashion line and accessories but it’s her jewels that caught our attention.

Label founded by Anna Z. Alexandra, ZALXNDRA is not your typical label and rather transcends conventional boundaries. The brand’s core values include exceptional craftsmanship, to never compromise on quality and to ensure timeless elegance.

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Tryyst, the avant-garde fine jewellery brand, also now has a foot in the world of high-end luxury. The brand boasts a unique and vibrant spirit, proposing joyful and playful pieces such as their iconic elephant head.
Far from conventional jewelry, their youthful energy transpires in their pieces such as their Zodiac collection, meticulously crafted, that reflects their undying commitment to excellence and forward-thinking creation process.

Whether it being their Deco collection , to Terra that connects the wearer to the power of nature or Soul that celebrates individuality, Tryyst’s pieces are the perfect way to express your individuality and style.

Despite being a very young brand, Tryyst already has all it takes to compete with the best.

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