Meet Dubai based singer-songwriter Shebani

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Shebani is a Dubai based singer/songwriter that has been writing songs since 2015 and since then, has been sharing her honest lyrical feelings with the world. A voice made of sweet and soft tones, followed by a heavenly falsetto that can make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud is Shebani’s magic trick.

And speaking of floating, her latest single ‘’Higher’’ is the perfect ode to her artistry, showcasing that truthfulness of her own personal experience in quarantine where she turned into a lot of introspection and with that, a new single produced. This new song was followed by a matching quarantine style music video that she filmed and edited herself, filled with pink hazes that complemented well with the breathy purity of her vocals.

By Khaled Alameh

Did you find it a lot easier or more challenging to work on your new music while quarantined?

Having her regular work routine taken away from her was a struggle, but she persevered through the journey of Covids’s reality, no matter how tough it was:

“I found it a lot more difficult actually. We like to write about our experiences and emotions, most of the time we write about things we see, hear or feel. I believe that in order to create, you need to live. And because I felt restrained during the pandemic, I faced a lot of difficulty expressing myself. But after adapting a little bit, I managed to draw inspiration from people around me, my thoughts and ideas during the quarantine, as well as some covid-related emotions and fears. Had to find a way to get inspired! It’s been getting a lot better!’’

Shebani proved the universal idea of what it takes to be a real artist with the birth of ‘’Higher’’. Inconveniently dark circumstances would normally keep the mind blocked from functioning in its usual fashion, but that’s the thing about being an artist: the creative mind can make something from almost anything and Shebani was no exception when she took those fears and thoughts and embraced them to transform the ‘’in my head’’ experiences into powerfully relatable music.



What has this quarantine experience brought out of you as an artist?

A lot of positive lessons came to light from Shebani’s lockdown experience; and when it seemed like time was slowly freezing, that made it easier for her to catch a better glimpse of how she was tackling her career:

“To slow down for sure. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the hard work you put into your craft, but I wasn’t giving myself a minute to breathe. I learned to take a step back and really admire the work I’m trying to create, I learned to give myself enough space to have fun, and not stress about the process or the work at hand. Slowing down has helped me write better, and plan better. I can’t wait to share my future projects.’’

Shebani saw this unfortunate global predicament as a chance to reflect and realized that a fast-paced life as a musician wasn’t really allowing her to flourish in her craft the right way, but instead in the blink of an eye, denied her the patience to polish her artistry in order for it to reach its full potential. Shebani took those realizations and made it her mission to slow down and deliver music that was planned in a more laid back and fun way.

What does your art mean to you and could we be expecting any upcoming projects soon?

Music isn’t just about releasing something for others to hear, it’s sharing a piece of yourself and being unapologetically honest about who you are and what you’ve been through because that is what makes a great artist. Shebani describes the real idea of being an artist so perfectly in her own way:

“My songs are fragments of who I am as a woman, and a human being. Ideas from my mind and experiences from my life. Some from my past, and some from my present. It’s my therapy, I can’t imagine expressing myself any other way. And yes! Upcoming projects for sure! It’s all coming together, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.’’

Photography/Mejjikun @mejjikun