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Only 5 months old and already carried by Boutique 1, Beirut, MAAT jewelry is not your usual label for Plexi accessories. Indeed these unique babies are not one of those fluo-80’s-disco-never-wearing-again re-editions, the Plexi here rather takes on another dimension while fusing with mystical Egyptology inspired designs to create the perfect contemporary pieces that will take the region by storm. Remember you first read about it here on Jdeed. #firstfoundonJdeed


Words/Ghina Maalouf




Ghinwa Ashkar started working in Design at the tender age of 20. Her passion to create something new and make women feel like goddesses led her to launch MAAT last March.

It was inevitable that her love for all things ancient Egypt and plexiglass would combine the two together and produce these handmade individual pieces of jewelry oozing with allure.



Ashkar, went for mythological goddess MA’AT as her main muse and brand name for her creations.

As a matter of fact Ma’at was the daughter of the sun god Re, she was associated with Thoth, god of wisdom and was goddess of justice, cosmic order and personification of truth. Often, she was symbolized by the scarab (found in one of Ghinwa’s bold pair of earrings- my personal fav).



In her latest collection THE RED LIGHT, Ghinwa continued to experiment with plexiglass, silver, gold, and Swarovski, add new colors and versatile designs full of light, giving us sophisticated pieces that oscillate between modern appeal and rich heritage. MAAT to follow, adorn and keep an eye on…





MAAT Jewelery

Instagram: Maatjewelry

Sold at Boutique1, Beirut, Lebanon