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Kuwait by RS Streetwear

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JDEED asked Moh, the charismatic founder of RS Streetwear, an über-cool new Kuwaiti label giving local urban wear a new meaning, to give us his favourite adresses in Kuwait City from shop to restaurants and cultural spots. Follow the guide….


Favourite place to shop?


I personally don’t have a favorite store but the top stores in Kuwait for me whenever I’m in need of clothing or shoes are, Harvey Nichols, COS, Bloomingdales, 4 Concept and Footlocker.


4 Concept – Picture Cyn.J

Favorite coffee shops and restaurants?


Cocoa Room – Picture by Lady B Q8 

Coffee Shops: Richards Coffee, Boost, and Ananas.


Boost Coffee- Picture from their Instagram

Cultural Places?
Souk Al Mubarakiya, Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center, Al Shaheed Park and Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center. 


Souk Al Mubarakiya – Pic by Cyn.J

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