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JDEED’s winter sounds

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Grey skies, rainy mornings, dashes of sun rays here and there…Winter can always use a bit of smooth sounds. Here’s the selection of a few of JDEED’s favorite artists and designers.

Elias El-Haddad / founder of label BOSHIES 

Etyen feat. Tala – Homosapiens


Cynthia Ortu / founder of label YPSO Studio 

Calypso Rose – Calypso Queen


Ali Chaaban / Artist

H.E.R – Avenue

Majid Jordan – You

Sonder – Too Fast


Tania George / Fashion Designer

Alessi Brothers – Seabird


Shukri Lawrence / Wifirider + Trashy Clothing Designer 

Brooke Candy – Nuts

Darine – Aiwa


Khalid Zahid / Artist 

The Fugees – Ooh La La La

Bush – Glycerine



Khaled Abdel-Hadi / Founder and Creative director of MyKali

Kylie Minogue – Come into my world 


JDEED’s Selection


Kendrick Lamar feat. SZA – All the stars

Jones – Something bout’ our love

Franck Ocean – Bad Religion

Just Jack – Starz in the sky

Kaytranada- Lite spots

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