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DARIN HACHEM is a Milan-based multicultural label with Lebanese and Mexican flavors by means of shapes and aesthetics. 

Praising fashion as an engagement towards a more sustainable industry, the brand “promotes universal values of life and humanity.”

One of the brand motto is to buy less but better and in this optic, all the materials are sourced and made in Italy in respect of Human and Labor rights. 

At DARIN HACHEM, we emphasize on timeless pieces that will fight the notions of trends to focus on eternal style. JDEED asked Darin about the brand’s beginnings and ambitions.



Can you tell us briefly about yourself and the brand?

“DARIN HACHEM” the brand is a Milan based entity with some cultural references to Middle East and Mexico; it is a Ready-to-wear womenswear luxury brand with concerns such as women’s comfort, Earth and Sustainability. This is a personal project and we try to keep it as close as possible to our own identity and life principles. We have a constant interest for Cultures, Artisanal processes, and we aim to keep learning from others.


What were your inspirations for this collection?

For this Fall-Winter 19 collection, we focused on the themes of self-progress, emotional, intellectual and artistic self-teaching. Our muse is Eileen Gray, an artist that with her thirst of learning new things evolved into a self taught furniture designer and finally into a complete architect competing with men of her times; which was a very difficult world at the time for women. This is a woman that covered all of the artistic fields and genres, from Baroque/Art-deco to minimalistic geometric style. She never stopped learning and this is our motto. In parallel, I personally explored the path of my childhood memories, the house linked also to my early memories of Lebanon in the south of Lebanon. It was a very intense and emotional day shooting this collection in this particular house abandoned for more than 10years. With all the focus on Human and personal feelings, we keep our attachment to Earth, through earthy colors and drapes that remind us of Nature.


What is your favorite piece so far? And why?

I particularly love the grey/taupe shiny skirt and top coordinated items, it just brings me some peace and an idea of an effortless laid back femininity; a concept that I am personally fond of.



What is your favorite fabric to work with?

It depends on the phase; we do love natural fabrics obviously, but for example these days we are into cotton gabardine as it has a characteristic stiffness that makes it hold well certain shapes.


Where is your brand stocked?

Currently our pieces are present in our Milan Studio/Showroom and we receive under appointments anyone who is interested in having a look.



Have you ever thought of doing a collaboration? If yes, who would you wish of doing it with?

My real wish is to start collaborating with artisans from different fields and with other types of artists, that work in ceramics and pottery for example, and see what can come out of it. I am sure collaborations of this type open new perspectives and provide new ways of thinking.


What are your goals for the brand?

As every project, we wish to expand and grow but at a pace that would allow us to keep the project close to our values of respect to Earth and Human resources between the Middle East and the rest of the world.



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Photography/André Wolff