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Afghani designer Parisa Yaseen is now based in Dubai. JDEED wanted to know more about her.



Could you tell us a bit about your background: Origins, education and how did you start in Fashion?

I’m Afghan, graduated from Esmod Dubai in 2016. I have always loved art and I find fashion to be the most exciting form of art, it’s the easiest way to express who you are.


We observe quite a strong extreme orient influence in your designs, a bit in the style of the Harajuku girls. Is this something that inspires you a lot?

Yes I was very inspired by the Harajuku girls indeed because they are very expressive, they come across very carefree, cute and fun.
It’s a case with every designer that every season they are inspired by a different thing, people and places. And for this collection, everything about Japanese Harajuku girls inspired me a lot.






Tell us a about your first collection: the mix of fabrics, these strong colors, the fringes… How did you come up with the concept?

I traveled to South Korea before I started the collection and I visited an Art museum where they were showcasing Nick Cave’s works. I found the fringes of his sculptures very inspiring. They made the movements of the sculptures very dramatic and dreamy. I really appreciate his works. The concept of the collection was inspired by an artist known as Grimes. Her vocals pretty much inspired me to make a collection about a schizophrenic girl. Some of her old songs are very experimental and unique, if you listen to them you will understand what I’m talking about because they have a vibe that I can’t explain.





You’re based in Dubai. How would you define the fashion scene there and your role within it? Do you believe it’s becoming an international fashion hub?

There are very few people who are into high-end fashion in Dubai, the majority chooses to dress up very casual and follow the mass market trends. I don’t have much to say about the fashion industry here, If I’m honest when I go to the fashion shows I barely like anything.

What are your ambitions for your brand and career?

My friend Melissa and I are soon opening our own brand called Insomnia and planning to launch contemporary along with ready to wear garments. Yay!

What are your upcoming projects?

Currently working on our first collection inspired by the spirituality of Nature and minimalism. The collection will go live on 1st June.




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