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A society seeing a whole generation that’s constantly told to get off their screens and see a world that’s just one shut down button away. Ironically, a global pandemic got us virtually connected more than ever and digital luxuries are the only way to experience and learn more about all types of knowledge, which includes the herd of artistic talent.


Eastwave is one of many platforms that’s had to surf through this unprecedented 21st century Covid wave in safer and strategic way. It’s with an online pop-up concept plan that Eastwave aims to feature designers from the MENA region and get their names out to the world by showing off their work in the form of virtual reality. Co-founded by Dana Mortada of Fashion Collective LA, Judy Daghestani of LFHM Middle East, and Christian Daccache of Bureau Des Createurs, Eastwave is determined to share the stories of the hosted brands. Its first season premiered on August 1st with Maison Orient as a host and, of course, a featured group of 14 familiar and emerging creatives and their businesses in the region, including Ammanii, Jessica K, Jeux De Mains, L’atelier Nawbar, Mrs.Keepa, Roni Helou, Rula Galayini, Sara Melki, Talar Nina, Yassmin Saleh, Zaid Farouki, Blssd, Aliel and Bil Arabi. Each of these chosen creatives play different parts in the creative field, ranging from jewelry to accessories to RTW clothing. JDEED interviews the founders to know more.


By Khaled Alameh



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What’s the main focus of the first season of EASTWAVE?

Collectively: EASTWAVE Concept is a virtual pop-up that aims to support established and emerging designers from the Middle East and North African region, in showcasing and selling a curated selection of their designs to international audiences and customers. Every season, the pop-up will be hosted by different platforms or stores that share the EASTWAVE mission and values. Season One, is hosted on Dubai-based e-commerce platform Maison Orient, and supported by TATA PR, an LA-based fashion PR agency and high-end retailer.
Season One was born during these unprecedented times, to support and cultivate a family of unique, yet likeminded talents who share pride and passion for their Eastern designs.


How did you and the rest of the team come to wanting to create this concept store?

EASTWAVE is the brainchild of Dana Mortada of Fashion Collective in Los Angeles, Judy Daghestani of LFHM in Dubai, and Christian Daccache of Bureau Des Créateurs in Beirut. As Daghestani further explains:  “we started EASTWAVE Concept to cultivate a collective force of talented artists in the MENA region that will support each other to succeed during this unprecedented time. We are a family of Designers, PRs, Marketers and Creators with a common vision of breaking the status quo and boasting our rare talent and unique stories to the world.


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Why are these 16 creatives the perfect representation opportunities for EASTWAVE’s very first season?

From a large applicant pool, the EASTWAVE team curates a unique and diverse selection of designers featuring bespoke and artisanal craft from the Arab world. The hand-picked 16 designers represent different parts of the MENA region, who represent the mastery of their region’s craft and the importance of their cultures.



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Shopping is just one click away! Support MENA based emerging today on Eastwave

Parts of the proceeds will go to associations that help Beirut rebuild.