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Brands to watch | Discover these six labels on the rise

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Another round of Fashion Weeks just over, we leave the podiums behind to shift the focus on six brands that are coming up strong with impeccable materials, savoir-faire, forward-thinking designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Today, we invite you to discover Odeem, Vonto, Salfa , La Marquise, Wafa Balswad and Sruti Dalmia, names you’ll want to remember as they’ve already started to storm the fashion sphere.



VONTO is a high-end leather goods brand created by Emirati brothers Nasser and Mansoor AlQubaisi. Produced with care in Italy, their high-end leather bags and accessories draw inspiration from the designers’ home country, the UAE, its landscape and its nature.
This inspiration can be seen in the color palettes, mostly pine green or brown with hues of blue that take the customer to the deserts and mountains of the Emirates.

The product offering includes a complete set from travel bags to card holders, key chains, pouches, phone cases or even watch cases, assuring you a refined and modern look to take over the world.
And as people who travel a little too much here at JDEED, we’re definitely eyeing their gorgeous suitcase, produced with the best materials.


Eponymous brand by Emirati designer Wafa Balaswad is all about embracing and empowering women.
Balaswad recently introduced ‘Ivory Symphony’: A Harmonious Celebration of Femininity, a collection featuring unique embroideries, fluid silhouettes and comfortable cuts.

Modern and strong, the pieces are tailored to perfection and are versatile, hence will make you look your best whether for a lunch by the sea or a romantic evening. We love this use of very neutral tones that gives the collection a timeless touch, without the extravaganza that fades through time and that keeps the focus on the pieces’ exceptional craftsmanship.

Wafa Balaswad’s ‘Ivory Symphony’ is an ode to the modern woman who is unapologetically herself.


Odeem, is a Dubai-based luxury brand founded in 2018 by Emirati designer Fatma AlOtaiba. Through their Italian and South-African-sourced handcrafted leather goods, Odeem aims to redefine the meaning of modern elegance.

Born out of frustration on a quest to finding the perfect handbag, AlOtaiba launched Odeem in the hope of creating quality pieces that transcends generations and tick all the boxes: right size, right shape and high quality. With their meticulous craftsmanship and responsibly sourced leather, the brand caters to sophisticated women who like to make a statement with their accessories.

We personally have a huge crush on their Baguette bag that comes in this impeccable punchy orange, as well as the Mini Duffle bag in black and tan, perfect to go with basically everything.


The story of La Marquise dates back to 1986 with precious stones that were transformed into incredible pieces of fine jewelry.

Not focused on a single aesthetic, La Marquise appeals to a wide portfolio of customers who belong to every age group, have different styles and have a different approach to jewels. Today, La Marquise is a brand that has grown into an international success, having retailers across the UAE, Russia, UK, Turkey, Brazil, Qatar, Hong Kong and India.

With their exceptional craftsmanship and designs that set them aside, La Marquise also proudly promotes inclusiveness within its team, a team where, from artisans to sales associates, everyone can share their ideas and open a discussion, enabling an overall better experience for their customers.
Over 40 years, the brand has won multiple awards, thanks to their unmatched manufacturing that comprises the work of more than 150 craftsmen, working on delivering the highest quality of fine jewelry.


SALFA is a high-end abaya brand that praises versatility and wants women to look effortlessly stylish and confident.
With a vision of launching a product that can go from day to night, SALFA will accompany women in their every moment, whether on a long travel day, a dinner with the girls or a school pick-up.

But the brand doesn’t just focus on the appearance. For SALFA, their pieces should rhyme with comfort, impeccable simplicity and craftsmanship.
The SALFA woman is ambitious, stylish, creative, loves spending time with her family and friends, is always on the go… all that many reasons to be able to trust the clothes you’re spending these precious moments in.


Kolkata-born designer Sruti Dalmia founded her eponymous label back in 2021 and has been operating
out of New Delhi ever since.
Over the years, Dalmia has journeyed through India, England, Singapore and Myanmar, absorbing the influences and cultures of these different places, before she eventually returned to India where she established her brand.

Dalmia’s love and appreciation for her country’s rich craft heritage is a common thread in her design process. Sruti Dalmia manipulates the art of mixing tradition and modernity perfectly, which transpires in her colorful, mostly patterned designs.
A real celebration of individuality, craftsmanship and sustainability, Sruti Dalmia’s mission is to offer elegant and chic ensembles that are a reflection of India’s diverse cultural influences.

As for us, we absolutely love the Blue Horizon dress in pure cotton silk, a guarantee to wow the audience at our next event.