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Bint-age Dealer: The woman behind Beirut’s favourite online vintage store

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Morissa Choueiry is revolutionising the way we buy and sell clothes. Founder of The Vintage Dealer, Morissa sources and resells Lebanon’s finest vintage findings.



Launched earlier this year in August, The Vintage Dealer has already gained a substantial and loyal following. By digging through piles of second-hand clothes in warehouses across Lebanon and also creating her own upcycled accessories, Morissa has created a beautiful, colourful haven that exhibits the best vintage clothing from the country – straight to your Instagram feed.

Available to purchase by replying to her story (@the.vintagedealer), Morissa models her entire curated selection backed with a new lively soundtrack each time. Twice a week she has a drop, and works on a first-come-first-served basis – it’s a fast game she warns. Offering delivery around the country, it has never been easier to purchase unique pieces.

With Lebanon’s economic hardships in mind, The Vintage Dealer aims to restore the therapeutic aspect of shopping through an easily-accessible medium and fairly priced product. Motivated to find pieces that others wouldn’t take the time to while also acting as a more eco-friendly fashion option, The Vintage Dealer continues to impress.




By Olivia Melkonian






Hi Morissa! Please can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’ve always been attracted to antiques, I used to buy random items I didn’t really need just because I felt some sort of connection to the pieces. Last September, I saw an ad online for a pop-up flea market where you could rent a stand and sell anything, so I decided to have a go at it and resell part of my collection, along with old clothes from my wardrobe.


When and how did you start this project?

If you had told me a year ago that thrifting would become my full time job and that I’d go to sleep and wake up thinking about what playlist I’ll dance to on my next IG story, I would’ve probably been insulted. I mean, I studied filmmaking, not fashion design or marketing, so switching my profession wasn’t something I expected to do. I spent countless nights doing research to develop and grow my brand identity, and today I can confidently say that I absolutely love my job.


Can you describe your process from sourcing to selling?

I promise you that 70% of the work happens before I record my stories – people only get to see a glimpse of what I do. I go on long road trips twice a week to collect my items from wholesale dealers all around the country. That’s where the name “The Vintage Dealer” came from.





Why did you decide to approach selling clothes in this way?

I chose this specific way to promote and sell my items because I want people to enjoy the experience as much as I do. My followers DM me and reply to my stories even after I sell out – that’s how I know a lot of them aren’t just there for the clothes. I really appreciate the community I’ve built around this brand and I want my content to be a daily source of positive energy on their feeds.




What inspires you about vintage clothing?

It’s the adventure of the search and the satisfaction of finding a unique piece you really like. There’s no excitement (for me, at least) in going to H&M or Forever 21 and seeing the same massively produced seasonal items every single person around the mall is buying. Fast fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, so there’s also an environmental benefit to thrift shopping. People always think that thrift shopping is only for those who can’t afford to buy new clothes, but the second hand market has developed into so much more than “a cheap alternative” in the past years.

Nothing screams fashion icon like a unique second hand shirt or jacket incorporated into your wardrobe, at least that way, you know you won’t walk into a party and see someone else with the same outfit. Another important factor in the rise of popularity is the current economic crisis in Lebanon. Most people simply can’t afford to go shopping anymore. As someone who strongly believes that shopping is therapeutic, I want to give my followers a chance to do that affordably.


What are some of your favourite pieces?

I always look for the most colorful pieces, the ones that resemble me and my personality. I’m blessed to have customers who trust my taste, wait for my drops and constantly motivate and support me.


Why is it important to you to prolong the life of these clothes?

I opened my online shop to make it easier for people to find items they love. I know that lots of my friends like my fashion sense, but they would never go to old shops and dig through piles of clothes for hours to find one gem. Now they can just scroll through my page, and pick something.



Discover The Vintage Dealer on Instagram, here!