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Wednesday September 20th, BIEL Hall 3. We are here for the opening of the first Beirut Design Fair ever organized. A renowned selection committee, numerous exhibitors, emerging designers as well as more established ones: BDF is the perfect display of what is currently going on in this buzzing city that is Beirut. Strategically positioned between the West and the East, the capital is a real meeting point of cultures but also of designs.

We have selected 5 designers for this first edition that opens to the public this Thursday the 21st of September. From atypical material to liquid art and harmonious shapes, the surprises are countless.



We are unsure what we saw first. Was it Ahmad Bazazo’s charming smile or its gorgeous marble and oak bar?

STUDIO A, based in Beirut is all about material experimentation, timelessness and, we believe, a very refined and bold chicness. His furnitures are, as Ahmad explained us, mostly bespoke.

A crosspoint between an almost antique aesthetic and a contemporary energy, STUDIO A is the multidisciplinary design practice to watch.



Known for their “Breek” (understand ancestral Lebanese carafe) designed for the Sursock Museum Store, ALBI brings together two of Lebanon’s traditional craftsmenship technique that are glass blowing and stone carving.

Behind Albi, four architects: Michael Najjar, Tracey Eid, Karl Karam and Marianne Safi, all working together towards the same goal: the research of the alliance between past and future, Craftsmanship and Technology.

With their Breek, ALBI managed to revive a creation that is as ancient as the Phoenician period, giving it a modern twist while mastering a delicate combination of elements.



Ralph Nassif’s booth at Beirut Design Fair may be one of the most appealing to the eye. Strong colors, beautiful “liquid art” creations: Nassif’s designs are both magnetic and mesmerizing.

Self-taught, Ralph’s pieces are mostly made from scratch, put together by hand in a free and intuitive process.

Colors and textures appear in layers, giving an impression of multiple coating and proportions. 5 to 15 days are necessary if you wish to possess your own custom-made RALNAS piece.

#4 D-Tab

The kid in us was instantly attracted by the creations of D-Tab. What resembles skate boards are actually multi-usable objects ranging from tables, shelves, trays, hanging art pieces but also edgy coasters.

Super heroes, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Diana Tabbara’s designs stem from the street-art movement with a hint of pop in a result that is undeniably urban.

#5 Marine Bustros

Feminine, Marine Bustros’ semi-precious stone incrusted table certainly made our head turn twice. This young Lebanese designer studied interior design at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts before pursuing a Master Degree at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan.

Having undertaken architecture internships in the Italian city, she then returned home where she joined Gatserelia Design as an interior architect.

Sculptural yet functional, Marine’s designs are specifically emphasizing on the use and crafting of metal products. Poetic but brut, Bustros’ pieces are a successful mix of the genre.


Visit Beirut Design Fair from September 21st to 24th at BIEL. Opens from 3:30 pm to 9:30pm. 

Head here for more details.


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