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An acronym for We Are Not The Same, WANTS is a curatorial platform for global brands in the Middle East, holding a unique and wide-ranging selection of items. Functioning as an online boutique that provides women with fashion pieces that reflect the individuality of their characters, WANTS caters to fashion enthusiasts without bounds, acting as a kind of creative toolbox for self-expression…


Words/Salomé Aubergé



Founder Dalal Zowayed, a young creative who wishes to challenge stereotypes of what constitutes Middle Eastern style, is constantly searching far and wide for new and emerging brands to offer to her customers. As of yet, WANTS showcases clothes and accessories from Korea, Australia, Japan, London, Los Angeles and more still.

The online concept store aims to highlight the diversity of women in the Middle East. Not only does it display a broad selection of fashion styles for women to express themselves through, but it makes a point to work with women of many different cultural backgrounds. Indeed, the WANTS lookbook features an ethnically diverse group of models of all sizes, who are often under-represented in mainstream fashion platforms.

Further, items are dispatched to customers in eco-friendly drawstring bags accompanied by a personalized postcard made from natural paper. By broadening female representation in the fashion industry and employing eco-packaging methods, WANTS is part of a new wave of fashion that seeks to reform the industry into a more equitable, just and sustainable enterprise.



Rather than holding large stocks of each piece it sells, WANTS offers a large range of items in limited quantities to preserve the value of individual expression that is encapsulated in its mantra: We Are Not The Same. As Zowayed puts it “The vision is to be everything for someone and not something for everyone.” The WANTS stock aims to reflect the diversity of womanhood, enacting the philosophy that our minds are not the same so our clothes shouldn’t be either.



WANTS has had tremendous success thus far. From receiving positive feedback from women praising its inclusivity in both its imagery and fashion selection, to partnering with stylist Lea Abbot to dress singer Jorja Smith, the online platform is paving the way for an alternative fashion format. WANTS challenges mainstream fashion tendencies and offers a more forward-looking approach to fashion that stands as a progressive alternative to mall culture.




Photography & Styling/Dalal Zowayed

Creative Direction/Dalal Zowayed & Mariam AlEbrahim

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