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Be funky and Be kind | House of Zaya

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Pop and contemporary, messages mixing the Arabic and English languages such as a straight to the point “Be Kind” design that we adore/approve, House of Zaya would even funky-up your oldest blue jeans. Daliya Al-Said, Omani entrepreneuse and the brand’s founder,told JDEED everything from how she started in fashion to why she’d love for M.I.A to wear her pieces.

Who is behind House of Zaya and how did the brand start?

I am an Omani Designer that was fortunate to be brought up around the world due to my father’s job which enabled me to experience different cultures and often tried to relate to them. Just after graduating from a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and textiles in Western Australia, I was asked by a friend of mine who is a contemporary dancer studying at WAPPA to make some garments for his graduate show. The whole thing was such a fun experience it inspired me to create House Of Zaya.



What messages is the brand trying to convey?

The latest range is focused on messages that are positive and relatable to people of all different cultures. Overall I think bridging different cultures and bringing people together is more important now than ever. So that is something I always wanted to express and share with House Of  Zaya.



How would you describe the emerging design scene in the Arab world today? Do you feel part of a creative blossoming?

I’m loving the creative scene at the moment , there are no boundaries, people are not afraid to express themselves and that encourages the rest of us creatives.




Tell us the story behind the Be Kind message?

I think there was a lot of negative news at the time I decided to do Be Kind collection. With Be kind I just wanted to go back to basics, a simple positive human act, that can sometimes be forgotten to act on. It’s a reminder to Be Kind as much as one can.


What projects does the brand have and what are your ultimate goals?

My current project is the new range, I will be exploring more language that people can relate to across cultures, to create a connection with people through language or graphics. Ultimately I want House Of Zaya to be recognized around the world as a Middle Eastern brand.



Where can we purchase your items so far?


The best place to purchase HOUSE OF ZAYA is our online store I love the online store because we can reach people around the world and they can order something and receive right at their doorstep.


Who would you love to see wearing your designs?


M.I.A. is such a loud voice for cultural diversity/awareness and has such a cool style that has inspired me over the years. So having her wear one of them would be a dream come true.


Pictures courtesy of House Of Zaya

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