A dive into the enchanting universe of Begüm Khan

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“Nature, flowers, and animals serve as my greatest source of inspiration.” Begüm Kiroglu has always had a fascination for the fauna, the flora and the Far-East. Holder of a Masters Degree in Chinese Culture and Art, the Turkish designer has become a master at bridging heritage, culture and precious stones. Turning a scorpion or a lobster into a desirable piece of jewelry, her mystical creations have been worn by celebrities around the globe. Her latest collection, “Begüm’s Grandballdraws inspiration from Le Bal Oriental and the Surreal Ball, taking us a step further into Kiroglu’s world.
JDEED spoke to the designer to dive a bit deeper into her lush universe.

Hello Begüm; Can you tell us about you, your background and how you started your journey into jewelry?

When I was just a little girl I was involved with art & antiques due to my uncle’s interest & profession. I was always intrigued by the colors, Asian culture, historical films, antiques, and vintage jewelry made my aesthetic vision grew organically. My interest got deeper while I was living in Shanghai, completing a Master’s degree in Chinese Culture.
My first cufflink design was very unplanned; I was trying to find the perfect gift to my brother for his wedding, I couldn’t find a pair of cufflinks that was timeless & reachable at the same time, and hence, I decided to create my own. Over the following five years, with the demand and the orders from all over the world, I unexpectedly established a brand. I had expanded into designing jewelry for my personal use. Due to the growing interest around me, I decided to launch a small women’s collection with a pop-up, which turned out to be a massive success, leading me to where I am today.

Your gorgeous creations take their wearer to a fantasy walk in nature: tell us more about your universe and your inspirations?

Nature, flowers, and animals serve as my greatest source of inspiration. Specifically, my fascination with creatures like insects, scorpions, and lobsters, which are often found “unattractive” in the conventional sense, arises from the desire to discover the beauty within these overlooked beings. I feel a special affinity towards insects, linking them to myself. They are incredibly fragile and delicate, yet they represent modern dinosaurs, having survived, and evolved over 65 million years. I see a reflection of this character in myself – someone who is fragile and emotional, yet simultaneously resilient and powerful.

“Begüm’s Grandball” Collection

Your pieces combine elegance, playfulness and edge; if you had to define your aesthetic and personal style, what words would you use? Do you have a style icon?

I love trying different things, seeing different places, and savoring unique flavors in life. Honestly, I think my style reflects that. I am very open to innovations and I enjoy discovering new designers. I believe my style is ethnic and timeless…
I admire the fashion sense of Brigitte Bardot’s early years, as well as Jackie O. Maria Callas, however, is always my biggest inspiration.

You previously collaborated with artists on exclusive pieces. Do you believe art in something that can be observed in our everyday life and what does art mean to you?

Certainly, my love for art originates from my family, from a very young age. Growing up surrounded by exquisite objects, engaging in interesting conversations, attending exhibitions, visiting new museums while traveling and exploring flea market, all that profoundly influence one’s perspective and approach to aesthetics. At this point, art is not merely a passion; it has become an integral part of my life.

“Begüm’s Grandball” Collection

The “Grandball” collection seems to be a real celebration of life and makes us want to go bold with our accessories; can you tell us what was the idea behind it and if you have a favourite piece?

“Begüm’s Grandball” is a very special collection for me. I can say it’s the collection where I express my creativity, freedom, and my unconscious mind the most. Inspired by magnificent balls such as Le Bal Oriental and the Surreal Ball held in history, as well as the women who attended those balls, this collection emerged. I asked myself the question, “What would the women who attended these balls wear if they were alive today?” and so this collection came to life. The Maharani necklace is my favorite piece in this collection; I feel like I belong to a bygone era whenever I wear it.

Complete this sentence: Jewelry makes me feel….

…Confident in my own skin.

Where would you like to take your brand and what are your goals?

In 2023, we engaged in a substantial collaboration with the renowned cosmetics giant, Guerlain, encompassing five distinct projects. We designed a remarkable limited-edition bottle named the “Bee Bottle,” featuring a series of five diverse caps adorned with my favorite BK animals, and a lipstick embellished with a jeweled bee as well as designing some Christmas windows. Achieving this milestone was particularly significant for our brand, which is only a decade old, as we collaborated with a company boasting 200 years of history and expertise. Following this landmark achievement, our focus will shift towards global expansion, establishing stores worldwide.

Guerlain x Begüm Khan

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