You’re No Fit Here , مكانك مش هنا! | A fashion editorial by Egyptian photographer Youssef Sherif

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مكانك مش هنا!



“It’s a bit risky to wear whatever you want in Egypt, you could get in trouble for wearing something that could a bit controversial and doesn’t go with “the Egyptian family cultural values.” However, we’re trying to push the boundaries by creating something that hopefully will make a good impact on future generations, cause everyone should be able to wear whatever the fuck they want! Stop making snap judgments on people based on their clothes and then categorising people based on those judgments.”

Youssef Sherif, Photographer


















Concept, Direction & Photography: Usf Sherif (@usfsherif)

Stylists: Ahmed Sorour (@ahmedwsorour) & Anne Mehany (@annemehany)

Assistant Stylist: Rana (@_ranasoliman)

Model: Omar Hany (@omarhanybadr)

Production & Fashion Direction:  Maison Mehany (@maisonmehany)