#POISExMICROSOFT : Lebanese footwear label Poise collaborates with Microsoft to create sustainable stilettos

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“With Microsoft, we tried to create shoes that we want to believe are more of an antidote to the dark mood enveloping 2020. The #POISEXMICROSOFT shoes will lift you up physically and metaphorically, by lifting your mood and bringing joy. ” Emma Butros, Poise Design’s creative director



By Leena Khayat





The quirky and fun sustainable stiletto comes to life thanks to the collaboration of Lebanese luxury footwear boutique Poise Design and international technology mogul Microsoft. Stylish and sustainable, this collection features Poise’s signature bow-sided heels and color-blocking inspired by Microsoft’s logo.


Using complimentary colors to create vibrant juxtaposition, the stilettos are anything but basic.  Brighten your wardrobe with punchy shades of purple and green, red and yellow, navy and sky blue. These fabulous heels serve chic with no guilt thanks to the #woke sustainability practices.


Technology is here to empower, define, and elevate the fashion business.” acknowledges Butros  





The Poise X Microsoft collection is a combination of technology, sustainability, and fashionable footwear. The heels are crafted from the finest local and ethically sourced leathers by Lebanese artisans. 


We are always committed to develop shoes locally to ensure the long-term viability of the community talent, skills and craftsmanship that make up our unique history, especially in these critical times,” Butros said about creating designs using local sources and artisans.



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