What we loved at Abu Dhabi Art’s 14th edition

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The sole thought of Abu Dhabi Art is enough to spark our creative minds every Autumn. With its daring curation, ADA is the meeting of emerging artists and established ones within the polished walls of Manarat Saadiyat, where this year for its 14th edition, 80 galleries from 28 countries are represented. From today November 16th until the 20th, you’ll be able to discover the fair cost free for the first time thanks to Charles Zuber, the newly-appointed fair sponsor this 2022. JDEED tells you about its favourite (re)discoveries.

By Cynthia Jreige

Gallery LA LA Lande 

As we entered the fair, we directly spotted the incredible work of El Mehdi Largo, a Morrocan artist based in Paris. Through is art, Largo shares about his life as a Moroccan illegal migrant son. With the use of images and symboles reminescing of his origin, his artistic installation “enables him to document his story and to address issues about identities, migrations, margins, myths
and cultural tradition.

Religion and beliefs say a lot about history, the need to believe, the way man works. The fact that it is easier for us to listen to a superior entity speak to us. When I make the parallel with another of my favorite themes, immigration, I realize that I am simply talking about the meaning of life in a certain

His “Laziza” series using lifejackets and prayer carpets stole our attention in the blink of an eye.

Khalifa Gallery

Khalifa Gallery’s selection displays the works of Koran artist Young-Ha Lee, who uses oil painting to propose spectacular work based on lenticular picture techniques
Obama meets Nelson Mandela, Kim Jong-Un meets Donald Trump in these phenomenal pieces that invites the viewer to reflect.

Gallery One

This Ramallah-based gallery is attending ADA with a solo show of Palestinian artist Nasser Soumi. A feast for the eyes.

Galleria Continua 

Founded in 1990 by Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo, Galleria Continua has the intention to give continuity to contemporary art in a landscape rich with the signs of ancient art from day 1. Today located in 6 locations across the world, the gallery displays works we particularily loved from French artist JR and Indian artost Shilpa Gupta.

JR,”Trompe l’oeil Greetings from Giza, 23 Octobre 2021, 12h42, Giza, Egypte”

Shilpa Gupta, “I Will Die” 2012

Run to Abu Dhabi Art now and discover over 80 booths to get inspired from + devour some SALT treats. Until November 20th.

Cover picture by Young-Ha Lee, oil on canvas