The Technicolor Glitters of Tatyana Antoun

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Late June in Beirut, LAU Design School in partnership with Elie Saab and London College of Fashion presented the end-of-the-year collections of their second cuvée of graduates. An array of colorful glitters, exaggerated volumes and game of proportions attract our eye in a matter of a second. This happy symphony is none other than Lebanese designer Tatyana Antoun’s collection, who turned the runway into a vitamin-enriched parade, sending any all-black/minimalistic lover rethink their fashion choices presto.




But who is this young women whose universe is as Kawaii as it is engaged?

Tatyana Antoun is a womenswear designer whose perception on female identity is channeled through the tackling of sociopolitical issues that hinder human rights in the Middle East and beyond. This has become an integral part of her fashion practice where the subtle codes of youth and society form the basis of how she understands the world. Through her textiles, prints, and complex pattern cutting, she aims to revive the energy and vigor of the child within while maintaining a realm of sophistication and refinement.




Tatyana’s graduate collection, Vamata, is part of a personal journey that explores the social restrictions that are force-fed to the youth in a string of illogical narrow ideals. The contradiction between what is taught and what is later learned is emphasized through the psychedelic apple prints, the exaggerated bubble silhouettes, and the detailed construction of the glitter rainbow textiles. Vamata brings a fun satirical portrayal of the nonsense and problematic teachings in the community.

Vamata “shines bright like a diamond” to a whole new level.








Model Nevada is photographed Sam Rawadi, excluding picture showing  four hands in the pockets photographed by Youssef Rahal. Shot in Mar Behnam School (MBS). 

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