The Symbiosis of Piaget’s Heritage and Contemporary Art Unveiled at Art Dubai 2024

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Iconic luxury brand Piaget is set to make a grand return to Art Dubai from March 1st to 3rd with its ‘House of Gold’ Exhibition. The exhibition coincides with Piaget’s 150th anniversary celebrations, promising a fusion of the Maison’s rich legacy in goldwork and contemporary artistry.

By Désirée Barreto

The exhibition will unveil three notable watches that emphasize the intersection of High Watchmaking and High Jewellery. The reborn Piaget Polo 79 maintains the integrity of its 1979 predecessor while seamlessly defining the elegance of the modern zeitgeist. 

Among its daringly creative collaborations, a limited edition reinterpretation of Piaget’s Limelight Gala by designer Shamsa Alabbar will be showcased. The piece incorporates Arabic graphic design and typography through its undulate form.
Piaget has always been a brand that captivated me with its unique designs and exquisite craftsmanship. It holds cherished memories of the most significant moments in my life. Whenever I visited the Piaget flagship store at The Dubai Mall, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by their creations, particularly their watches. The opportunity to design a dial for the Gala watch feels like a surreal dream come true”, tells Shamsa Alabbar.

‘The opportunity to design a dial for the Gala watch feels like a surreal dream come true

Shamsa Alabbar

Piaget will also be giving artist Razan Alazzouni a carte blanche. Alazzouni, who has previously reinterpreted Piaget’s Possession jewellery collection, will draw inspiration from another version of the Limelight Gala made of gold with a marquetry of ornamental stones .

This unexpected marriage of different minds, worlds and times results in a harmonious mix, contributing to Piaget’s history of Extralegenza.

With Art Dubai being a key event in the contemporary art scene and Piaget’s keen interest in the region since the 1960s, Piaget’s CEO, Benjamin Coma, remarked that participating in the 17th edition of Art Dubai was a natural choice. 

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