The Essentials | Fashion Forward Dubai Day 2

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The Dubai Fashion event Fashion Forward experienced a rainy yet successful second day this March 24th between talks, shows and presentations.

While there is only so much to see, here’s our favorite moments from day 2.


Sarah Hermez of Creative Space Beirut‘s inspiring talk

Hall 3, 7pm. Sarah Hermez, co-founder of Beirut free-educational design school Creative Space Beirut spoke about her views on how to be Smart on Fashion.

From starting her project at only 24 years old to witnessing the school’s first graduate show  this past December, Sarah gave a very inspiring and powerful speech about  the importance of hard work and risk-taking.

Involved in the school, of course, but also in shirt brand Second St and in-house label CSB, Sarah, despite an incredibly hectic schedule, has this spark in her eyes that is characteristic of passionate people.

Sarah wore a dress by Roni Helou, one of the school’s first promotion graduate.




Cheyma‘s Soft Medley

Parisian label Cheyma of Tunisian-French designer Chayma Ben Hassine dazzled its public with a contrasted collection of urban yet hyper feminine looks, emphasizing on pastel colors. Oversized soft pink jacket, sparkles in the hair and hot pink eyebrow, the Cheyma aesthetic is undoubtedly womanly with a subtle rogue side.





Ghudfah‘s modern modest wear

Saudi label Ghudfah has a creative and avant-garde take on the traditional abaya, resulting in almost tailored, printed pieces.

With Walking with Elephants from Ten Walls, a rather electro-minimal song playing, the contrast between modest wear and rave was perfect and yet not so clashing. It appeared as the real reflection of the urban and contemporary Saudi woman today which Ghudfah masters to perfection.




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