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Lynn Chamoun is the young entrepreneur behind Lynsh Design, her jewelry line that is dusting off your ideas on pearl and created this new aesthetic of modern refinement.

Modeled by her own pianist hands – understand long, thin, elegant fingers- Lynn introduced us to some of her ring stacks but also mono-ear pieces and made me us – who aren’t big into wearing jewels- reconsider accessorizing ASAP.




Can you tell us a bit about you and how you started your jewelry line?

I graduated as an industrial and product designer from the Florence design academy, Italy and started working in the various design fields in Lebanon. After a trip to San Francisco with my best friend Shereen Doummar, I discovered my passion for fine jewelry designing, and decided to start working on my own collection.

*the san Francisco story*, we each chose an oyster at one of the San Franciso piers, and got each a pearl inside. Once we got back to Lebanon we wanted to create an earring on which we mounted our pearls. I started working with an atelier to make some pieces for myself, which is when I truly discovered my passion for jewelry making and with a leap of faith and a lot of encouragement from my jewelry mentor, I decided to start working on a collection.



What was the biggest challenge to overcome in the process of launching your own label?

Every step of the launch was a challenge, from working on procuring the finest jewels to preparing the launch event itself. The most challenging part was making sure that each piece came out exactly how I imagined it.



What makes your designs unique and different? Is there a special Lynn Chamoun signature?

The designs stem from an idea of having modular and stackable items that are asymmetrical. The Lynn Chamoun signature revolves around the organic and geometric shapes of the natural and the made. The spontaneously shaped stones, represented by the pearls in the first collection, paired with asymmetrical forms, allow us to add movement and flow to rigid modern schemes, this can be clearly viewed in our moth ring and grab earrings.  Our inspiration is drawn from art and forms from our day-to-day lives. Part of our mission is to collaborate with artists and designers from different art and design disciplines, in order to create scarce jewelry pieces. Merging their design language with the Lynsh culture will allow us to bring a vision/painting/pattern to life in the form of an object. Our first collaboration was with Shereen Doummar an architecture student at the Architectural Association in London.



How would you describe the design scene in Lebanon from a young woman entrepreneur point of view?

The design scene in Lebanon is growing at a good pace, especially since people are becoming more curious about design and art, and are more prone to encourage young local talents; their designs are so unique and different.


Have you found it easy to get to where you are today?

Not at all, it takes time and self-development to be able to pin point in which direction of design you want to grow in and set yourself on the right track and to evolve as a designer. I’m at the very beginning of my journey and I still have a long way to go.



What is your favourite stone/material for your creations?

Lapis lazuli is one of my favorite stones, from its deep blue color to the fact that we are able to handcraft it to fit perfectly the shapes we design, this material adds a rush of color to our pieces. In the first collection we used it in our Aida earrings from the Lynsh x Shereen Doummar collaboration.


Do you have one crazy objective that you will realize no matter what?

To design an exclusive piece for Celine, since I believe that the spirit of the brand matches with Lynsh’s culture, geometric yet feminine.



Pictures/Charbel Saade for Lynsh

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