“POPARTE”: Stunning Pop Art from North Africa & the Middle East comes to Antwerp

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The exposition POPARTE is dedicated to ‘Pop Art from North Africa & the Middle East’ and will be the first in Flanders to show works of art by creative individuals from the MENA region and its diaspora, inspired by the Pop Art movement.



In total, 13 artists use visual art to depict their identity, traditions and their surroundings. They transform banal objects from the consumer society or mass culture into art objects, deriving from popular cartoons such as magazines, comic strips, social media and pop music.

Pop Art turns art into an accessible medium, immersed in the everyday life.

The common thread in the exhibition is the search for an identity of its own in a globalized and consumption-oriented world.



The exhibition showcases a new generation of Arab artists who transcend clichés about the MENA region and is inspired by visual culture, politics and the influence of globalization. This all leads to stunning and stimulating cross-cultural designs.

The opening of the exhibition opened this Thursday March 14th and runs until the 28 at Werkhuys in Zegelstraat 13, Borgerhout, Antwerp .

The exhibition is open from 1-8pm  on weekdays and 1-6pm on Weekends


AL. ARTE // Malikka Bouaissa


Malikka Bouaissa

Anneleen Van Wulpen

Selected artists

Mouad Aboulhana El Moustach

Sarah Addouh Narmeen Hamadeh

Dar Fatyme Rezza Mohebbi

Abdulaziz Alsefri Shahad Nazer

Nisran Azouaghe Hiba Widadi

Rabee Baghshani Adnan Samman


cover picture/Sarah Addouh