Naza Yousefi on Yuzefi’s strong rise

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It-bag brand Yuzefi has spent the last few years honing its vision on an increased offering of RTW, whether it’s carefully-constructed blazers or striking denim cuts. Showing on the official London Fashion Week schedule last June and this February, Yuzefi is strongly emerging in the London scene, asserting bold dominance with its iconic accessories and growing RTW. JDEED went to both shows, where Yuzefi has centered on structured tailoring that remains flowy and fluid with strips of fabric – a motif key to Yuzefi according to Naza Yousefi, the brand’s founder and creative director. We caught up with Naza a few weeks after Fashion Week to talk about her reflections on the brand’s show, its immense growth, and what we can expect from her soon.

By Ethan Dinçer

Hi Naza! Thanks for talking with us, we loved the Yuzefi runway at London Fashion Week. Can you tell us what’s new in both the RTW and bag lineup that you showed?

Thank you for having me and so glad to hear you liked the show! RTW is very new to Yuzefi and in some ways we still call it a soft launch. The collection is very focused and edited to a strong core which is key as we find our feet in a new territory.
There is a very palpable change in mood since the last Resort season so all the more reason to have a focused and cohesive offer that speaks strongly of a clear direction in these challenging times. New to our RTW range is our elevated take on denim with a sculptural minimalism, exploration of new volumes and construction.

This is your second time at LFW, after your debut last June. What are your reflections on Yuzefi’s fashion week successes?

Runway is a very special format that I have really been looking forward to experimenting with. It creates a certain image and connection between the brand and its audience which is key to brand building and keeping the momentum. This season we wanted to start in a very focused and paired back way and make it all about the clothes. There are so many intricate details that deserve daylight and room to breathe. The aim was to join the schedule with a confident yet humble hello.

The new collection brings new colors, such as pinks and blues, to Yuzefi’s iconic silhouettes, particularly the blazer. What were your inspirations in designing this collection?

The starting point of every Yuzefi collection is craft and experimentation. I love to study silhouettes, techniques and materials. For this season I wanted to start from the simplest possible form of fabric and leather strips. Almost all the shapes in the collection from the cage and knotted dresses to the belt bag series have come from that.

Coming from Iranian heritage, does your identity play a role in Yuzefi to date, or your future goals for the label?

Not in a visual and aesthetic sense just yet as the collection is so small and focused for now. However, my upbringing has had a lot to do with me finding my way into fashion. I grew up watching my mum make all my clothes and toys for me and this was the starting point of my love affair with creating and craft.

What’s upcoming for Yuzefi?

A much bigger collection for resort and spring, a lot more denim, jersey and knitwear.

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