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Nathalie Fanj x L’Atelier Nawbar revisit 90s trends

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Sisters Dima and Tania Nawbar of celebrated Lebanese label L’Atelier Nawbar alongside Lebanese It-girl and image maker Nathalie Fanj have just delivered a funky, 90’s inspired capsule collection featuring 6 unique rings. Reminding us of favourite pop-culture item from that cool era, the rings are “all gold-plated statement pieces that are handmade by fine jewelry artisans featuring enameling techniques with intricate detailing.”
We were curious to know more about Fanj’s ideas behind the collection and how did the process developed. Meet Nathalie.

Hello Nathalie! Could you tell us how the idea of your collection with Atelier Nawbar came to life?

The idea came from wanting to create something that was fun and brought a smile to people’s faces. I absolutely love jewelry and accessories so I felt that this would be the best way for me to express myself. I’m also obsessed with the 90s- I still have clothes from the 90s that I wear and will always keep wearing- and since the 90s trends are making a major comeback, I thought why not create a collection that was inspired by this.
When thinking about what jewelry brand to approach to work on this together, L’Atelier Nawbar was a no-brainer. It’s my favorite regional jewelry brand, their designs are fun and vibrant and very original, in addition to their legacy which spans over three generations of jewelers so they really know what they’re doing. It was also very important for me to be working with and supporting a Lebanese brand right now so they are the perfect match. When I approached them, they were so enthusiastic and excited about the idea and we started brainstorming and throwing ideas and designs around right away.

Do you have a favorite piece and why?

That’s a tough one because they all feel like our babies now so it’s difficult to choose one and they’re all just so fun and colorful. But I think I’d have to say that I was especially happy with the idea of the cassette tape and how it turned out. I mean how cool is it?!

Do you feel specially connected to the 90’s aesthetic? What’s a fashion piece from this era that you still wear today and love?

I feel very connected to the 90’s aesthetic because as I said I grew up in the 90’s and I would see how my older sisters would dress and I would try and imitate them. And now in addition to my longstanding love for 90’s trends, seeing these trends revived is very nostalgic of my childhood and all the happiness that’s connected to it.
I still own a lot of pieces from the era but I’d say what I wear a lot today are cargo pants and lose jeans since they’re obviously making a major comeback and I absolutely love them.

How did the designing process go for you and would you like to renew the experience?

The design process was lots of fun and super collaborative. It was great working with Dima and Tania because they’re so good at what they do and they know the ins and outs of jewelry and design and what works and what doesn’t so I had full trust in them. I’d share with them my idea and they’d send me a sketch right away and add on to these cool twists. I’d definitely love to repeat this experience.

If you could see anyone wear the rings, who would it be?

I would definitely love to see Gigi and Bella Hadid wearing them and Dua Lipa.

What are your future projects? Can you reveal anything?

I can’t quite reveal anything yet but I’m working on a big project that I’m hoping will come out by end of year but it’s still in the early stages.

The collection is now available through

Images / Candyfornia Studio