Middle East Archive x Digitent present joint exhibition “An Archive Of Love” at Cairo Photo Week

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Exploring and celebrating the theme of “Love” in the Middle East and North Africa, “An Archive of Love” brings a sincere delivery to this year’s Cairo Photo Week.

The main medium of expression is here photography that is used to dig into all different types of the meaning of love which Romaissa Baddar, founder of Middle East Archive refers to as “a theme that is often reduced to a westernized one-size-fits-all or an orientalist wet dream (…)

This edition of Cairo Photo Week sees the first showcasing exercise for Middle East Archive which here brought their unmatched curatorial efforts to an IRL event.

Happening in the very heart of Downtown Cairo, the exhibition is ongoing until February 18th; in other words, if you’re in the Egyptian capital, drop everything you’re doing right about now and head there before you miss the chance. It’s a beautiful showcase of all different forms of love: that will be there for the viewer to observe: “the discreet, to the platonic, to the spiritual – and more“.

About this exhibition, Nirvana Bebars CEO & Co-Founder of Digitent expressed: “In a region where there’s a lot of struggle and political instability, it’s so important for us to highlight creativity as a portal for expression,

She goes on: “I think there’s so much beauty in how people across the Middle East always find a way to showcase their love & rise from the ashes unscathed, no matter what.” We could not agree more.

And to conclude your visit, don’t forget to purchase a copy of Middle East Archive’s book titled as the exhibition – they currently are donating all the proceeds made during Cairo Photo Week to associations helping Turkey and Syria following the heart-breaking earthquake of last week.

Tickets for the exhibition can be found on:

Exhibition opens 5-9pm in Hangar, 5 El Nabarawy St., Downtown