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Meet Rafa Hojeij, founder of made in Lebanon clean beauty brand Potion Kitchen

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An industrial biochemist with over 10 years experience in top management and R&D formulation, graduated from a Masters degree in industrial technology & a diploma in organic skin care formulation, Rafa Hojeij dreamed to create her own skincare line.
And Hojeij sure made her dream come true with Potion Kitchen, her clean beauty brand that “helps individuals feel good in their skin.”
Respectful of the environment, offering non-toxic formulas, encouraging a healthy living, Potion Kitchen is the made in Lebanon label that we all need on our bathroom’s shelves. We chatted with Rafa to know more about her magical products.

Can you please tell us the story of Potion Kitchen, how did it start and how did the idea come to life?

RH: Establishing Potion Kitchen was my life-long dream. After working several years in management and industrial research and development, a meeting with a perfumer in south of France awakened my desire to invent a cosmetic label of my own, which turned out to be Potion Kitchen.

What is so particular about the Potion Kitchen products? The Miracle Serum and lips scrub are my favorite but they’re all amazing!

Potion Kitchen is a Feel-Good brand aiming to break the exclusivity of plant-based cosmetics by offering cost-friendly products that are rooted in science and that respect the environment. The best part? It’s all locally made with renewable plant-based ingredients and superfoods.

How has the brand been received by the public, and what were some of the best feedback?

Potion Kitchen was the first online-native clean skincare brand in Lebanon. The alternative was chemically-infused products or high end clean brands… For a health-conscious community that was thirsty for change, Potion Kitchen was their new haven. We’ve collected a lot of reviews, testimonials and positive feedbacks from people, influencers and celebrities. «Thank you for being a breath of fresh air in the skin care industry » is one of our favorite feedback.

How does living in Lebanon influence your way of thinking business-wise but also  how does it inspire you in terms of skincare and beauty?

Having a deep desire to stay in Lebanon, I developed a “fighter” mindset that helped me coping with stress, believing in myself and achieving with limited resources.
Beirut is my biggest inspiration, walking down its streets and contemplating the everyday life inspires me in many forms to create and innovate. For me, it stands still at the epicenter of diversity, beauty and authenticity.

What do your days look like as the founder of PK?

Very busy but very joyful. Full of scents, colors, ideas and people. 
While I try to find some free time to do yoga, practice self-care and wonder about space, creating new formulations is always the best part of my day.

If you had to choose one of your product which one would it be and why?

The Rose Aloe hydrating mist is my pick-me-up. Spraying it all over my face constantly throughout the day helps me unwind and keeps my skin fresh and hydrated. Also, the smell of Rosa damascene reminds me of warm Lebanese summer days. For me, it’s a creativity booster.

What are the next plans for the brand?

We have a lot of plans for the near future. Mainly, we are currently working to expand the brand internationally and to introduce new self-care products to our collection.

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