Meet Dominic Nowell-Barnes of The Giving Movement, the Dubai-based activewear label that gives back

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Sustainability, low waste, innovation, charity…The Giving Movement is the activewear label made in the UAE that believes in “small acts multiplied by many people can transform the world‘.”
Founded by Dominic Nowell-Barnes in the midst of a World pandemic, TGM is the brand that does good while making you feel good; for instance, every. single. item. bought will send 4 dollars to charity.
We spoke to Nowell-Barnes to know more about this fantastic adventure.

Interview/Cynthia Jreige

Hello Dominic; Can you tell us a bit about you and how you thought of launching a sustainable streetwear and activewear label?

After moving to Dubai, I wanted to make sure that whatever I put my time and effort into for the rest of my career would have a positive impact. I knew that on my own, the impact I could have was limited as there are only so many hours in a day. So, I wanted to create a vehicle for change. Whether it’s only using sustainable materials or the $4 (15AED) we donate to charity from each an every item we sell, I knew that this kind of disruptive model would be an exciting and rewarding one!

How has it been starting a business during a world pandemic?

I think it’s been an important and life changing time for everyone around the world to take a step back and relook at how we live our lives and reassess what is important and what we could do differently. From our side, we have seen a great uplift in customers now choosing to shop online and customers who are wanting to shop more consciously because of the pandemic.

“Any customer who chooses to buy from The Giving Movement will change a life for the better.”


You’ve been based in Dubai for more than 6 years; how has the city played a role in shaping your business and creative ideas?

My main motivation for moving to Dubai was the energy I feel when I come into the city. From the second you get off the plane, Dubai just has a warm, friendly and positive feeling compared to most other places I have spent time in. Dubai is great for a work life balance with so much to do, it’s a city that has literally transformed itself within a decade and I am so inspired to be a part of its growth.

Your favorite quote is “small acts multiplied by many can transform the world » ; What small acts is The Giving Movement accomplishing that you’re most proud of ?

We chose our charities and the donation amount very carefully. Four dollars is an estimate of what it takes to provide food, shelter an education to one adult or child per week. The idea being that with every purchase a customer makes, $4 will be used for this purpose. Meaning any customer who chooses to buy from The Giving Movement will change a life for the better.


How has been the public’s reaction to TGM and who would you say is your customer?

The reaction in this region, as a home grown brand, has been incredible. As the first homegrown UAE brand, we have built a group of loyal GCC-based customers. Our customer tends to be from the region and looking for designs that are fashionable but also functional.

What are your hopes for the future and what can we expect to see the brand develop soon?

This year we are working towards a goal of $1m in donations. This will be a great achievement for our team and our community. From a product standpoint we will be introducing a kids collection in the next couple of weeks!

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