Les Benjamins Unveils FW23 ‘First Wave’ for our Extraterrestrial Futures

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Shown last week in Paris, Les Benjamins and Creative Director Bunyamin Aydin’s FW23 collection pushes us to consider what an out-of-this-world reality will look like in the near future. A visual blueprint of how the first colony from Earth might look, the collection surrounds themes of skin armor, technical gear, and functional tech, all with touches of Eastern flair that Les Benjamins is known for.

By Ethan Dinçer

Patches, tubes, and drawstrings embellish the rave-style silhouettes, creating a duality between nostalgia for the long-gone planet Earth and the ‘First Wave’ pioneering the future of humanity.

Almost martian, Les Benjamins’ infamous carpet monogram seeps through a striking, yet melancholic, color palette that includes shades of mahogany, swamp, and sylvan green punctuated by flashes of abstract neons and acid washes.

First Wave’ invites its wearer not only into the realm of cyberpunk and dystopia: in wearing these extraterrestrial pieces, we can slowly imagine what life will feel like years into our future, a twisting of time that bridges the nostalgic, Eastern past with the aesthetics of punk futurism.

The collection’s materials, a blend of leather, silk, and crepe juxtaposed by tough hardware and technical gear, cements this embodied extraterrestrial feeling, allowing us to step into the bodies of our future selves, transported hundreds of thousands of miles into an intergalactic reality

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Photography/Prod Antzoulis ; Modelled by Yasmine Sima and Osied Shawahin