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Keep your eyes on | Discover Emirati label Masah Fine Jewellery by Alia Al Shamsi

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One of the Emirati design scene’s most exciting actors right now is Alia Al Shamsi, the visionary creative behind Masah Fine Jewellery. An atypical path with no particular training in the field didn’t let Al Shamsi shy away from pursuing the launch of her own brand. Her innate flair for design and profound appreciation for the world of jewel crafting enabled her to successfully achieve her goals, making of Masah a reputable brand that connoisseurs can trust.

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At the beginning of Alia Al Shamsi’s journey into the world of fine jewellery was the personal wish to find pieces that could help her, not only express her personal style, but that would also resonate with her cultural heritage. And what better then, than to create it herself?

From that particular quest was born a desire to grow her mission into a full-fledge brand that she would name Masah Fine Jewellery; a brand that is a reflection of the designer’s dedication to innovation and craftsmanship. Proud of her Emirati roots, the designs appear as a homage to this beautiful culture, not without being infused with a contemporary flair that appeals to a wider, more global audience.

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Not leaving any details behind, Al Shamsi’s sharp eye for that little something that makes the difference and intuitive understanding of aesthetics, have made her jewelry highly desirable, transcending norms and offering new perspectives.

With her meticulous guidance, Masah Fine Jewellery is now successfully merging quality, beauty and a sense of empowerment. Wearing their pieces is a guarantee that your unique style will reflect in the most dazzling of ways.

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