Discover “Souls” , a series by Saudi photographer Al Joory Anmar

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| Series name: Souls

“To many, those wrinkles signify the hardships of life, but to them, they are a mere remembrance of a life well spent. With every wrinkle, I see life settling down on the faces of the ones who kept going no matter how hard the wind blows.”

Al Joory Anmar is an 18 year old Saudi photographer. She discovered her passion for photography at only 14, which she says opened her eyes “to a new world of creativity and growth.

Anmar told us: “With each day I continue to photograph, I am inspired by the various views of life that encourage me to improve my skills and try unique styles of photography. With the snap of each camera click, I capture moments of life. I see what hides behind a person and the fulfilment in their eyes. They are not pictures, they are priceless treasures.

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