Free school Creative Space Beirut launches T-shirt to highlight the significance of its mission

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The Middle East’s only free school for fashion design, Creative Space Beirut, has launched a T-shirt campaign to highlight the significance of its mission.

Founded in 2011, Creative Space Beirut is a progressive fashion design institution that provides free education to students who lack the means and resources to pursue a traditional degree. The school has launched a t-shirt that is emblazoned with “Education is a right”  in the handwriting of Creative Space Beirut’s co-founder, Caroline Simonelli.

The black T-shirts were designed with simplicity and transparency in mind. Creative Space Beirut’s general manager Tracy Moussi commented on the initiative: “we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the campaign so far,” she said. “The T-shirts have drawn attention to the school, its mission and its students, and the messages and pictures of support on social media serve as encouraging reminders for everyone involved with Creative Space Beirut to keep working towards a fairer, equal fashion design industry,” she concluded.

CSB e-shop is now live!

Launched in conjunction with CSB-SHOP, an online eCommerce platform designed to showcase Creative Space Beirut’s in-house brands, alumni collections and collaborations, the T-shirts not only generate more exposure for the school, but also financial support. All profits made from T-shirt sales will be donated to the school, while a percentage of profits made from Creative Space Beirut’s in-house brands (Second ST., Roni Helou and CSB ready-to-wear) is pledged to the school on an ongoing basis. Ultimately, CSB-SHOP plays a major role when it comes to Creative Space Beirut’s long-term goal of becoming self-sufficient and independent of external financial contributors.


The T-shirts can be purchased online at