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Connecting Style to Sound | Discover The Hugo Fall/Winter 2023 campaign

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| Since 2022, #HUGOYourWay was leaving its mark everywhere, making it a motto for the brand. But this year – it’s been revamped on a whole new level. For Fall/Winter, HUGO taps into the music scene, suggesting synergies between fashion and music. A gust of rebellious wind floats through the campaign, led by charismatic Bella Poarch.

Headlining this HUGO show, Poarch will not stop there; a special capsule collection between her and the German giant is currently in the making, for the public’s biggest pleasure.

Photograph exclusive to JDEED Magazine, worldwide

This campaign focuses a lot on self-expression and individualism, surfing on the #HUGOYourWay mantra. And in 2023, what better way to spread the word than social media? The brand’s Instagram, TiktTok and Youtube channels will serve as a stage for the showcase of the corresponding social media campaign.

Global talents Chase Hudson, Chiara Hovland, Ashley Moore, Lola Clark and William Ernult will be posting content on both IG and TikTok featuring FW23 campaign ombre denim looks.

And what is to expect for this Fall/Winter? If you’re spending Summer in Europe you’re probably already dreaming about your next coat…
Well, fear not, you’ll be able to pick from “youthful textures, fabrics, and styles, all complemented and characterized by the familiar HUGO design codes and colorways.

Statement pieces and accessories will be displaying the HUGO logo, honoring the brand’s ethos of “authenticity, originality, and eccentricity.”
Always digging deeper into the notions of rawness, realness and rebellion, HUGO brings metallic trims or retro-bold graphics on the forefront.
HUGO’s palette, usually a trinity of red, black and red, is here shaken up by unexpected lavender, indigo blue and caramel brown.

What we take out of this whole campaign is an incredible dynamism , making us want to be our most powerful selves. Contributing to this feeling, ‘Body Wan Shake’, performed by Freq Motif x Magugu and photographed by Stuart Winecoff under the artistic direction of Trey Laird and the Team Laird agency.

Window displays from HUGO stores across the world will soon be dressed in the HUGO Fall/Winter 2023 while, will mark the campaign’s launch and feature the season’s key looks.