Boyfriend the Brand launches new patriotic collection, “Sajeen” alongside first e-shop

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As a result of the emotions provoked by the past year Lebanon and the world have lived, Amine Jreissati and his label BOYFRIEND the Brand come back with a 7th collection entitled “Sajeen”, “prisoner”, translating a suffocating feeling of imprisonment into beautiful garments. 





This time around, the label collaborated exclusively with a team of Lebanese talents and businesses, from videographers to models and pattern makers in order “to push and help our local artisans and scene; to involve and expose.

Amine Jreissati, founder, declared: “What we wanted was to curate pieces that would be relevant and important for today. Adapting to a new way of living. And it was quite challenging to get the process laid-out, in such an intricate and a very short period of time.But we made it. And here we are now.




“The world, Beirut, and its people, have gone through a lot, too much, this past year. Ever since the revolution, and before the blast, we couldn’t help but sense a strong patriotic feeling grow deep within us.” 





Amazing abayas embroidered with lyrics from the musical “Sayf 840 – ٨٤٠ صيف” and sung by Hoda, Fairuz’s sister and Hiba Tawaji that reads  “Wayhet Eli Rahou”, translating to “I swear on the lives of those who have gone” are real patriotic masterpieces.




Accompanying the announce of this new launch, BOYFRIEND also just launched their e-shop so that you can purchase the brand wherever you are. Pay it a visit, right here

Pictures credit/ Boyfriend The Brand