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It’s getting easier to eat healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free but flavor-full in Beirut. Here is our guide to some of our favorite new spots.




Why we love it


The atmosphere, the kind staff, the gluten-free and dairy-free options, the incredible combination of flavors.


JDEED recommends


Almond mylk cappuccino, Hummus-Avocado tartine, vegan chocolate croissant, sweet potato “tartine” , protein buckwheat stack


The Sage Parlour

Armenia Street, Mar Mikhail

01 567 961




Why we love it


A place where you can play board games, ping-pong, pool, video games and eat 100% vegan for an insanely affordable price. Oh! And it’s open 24h/24, 7 days a week ! You read that right.


JDEED recommends


The vegan burger, vegan cheese saj, vegan hot-dog (meat eaters, it truly is close to your regular one!), the zucchini balls



Luna’s Kitchen

Tannoukhiyen, Hamra

81 820 870





Why we love it


A cosy salad bar in the heart of downtown – no “build your own”, they already thought of amazing combo for you, so no bad surprises of realizing you added a 10 dollars smoked salmon or that hummus, dried apricots and tuna don’t do well together


JDEED recommends


The Spring salad


Taken from Salata Instagram


Behind Municipality Building, Downtown, Beirut District

01 992424




Why we love it


The newly-open branch in Studio M (a concept store with a pilates studio) in Saifi Village is the perfect place to work from. Staff is helpful and talented (they literally came up with crazy drinks- I mean Gin-Tonic/Cold brew anyone?)


JDEED recommends

The “Healthy Coffee”, a mix of cold-brew, oats, banana, milk and dates, the Espresso Martini and oh well, the Gin-Tonic/Cold brew. Please don’t have 3 in a row, we’re unsure your heartbeat can take it. (yes ok, gin tonic and espresso martini just found their way in our guide to healthy Beirut – but yalla, once a week is probably sane 😉 )


Daily Roast Instagram


The Daily Roast

Studio M, Saifi Village

03 311 333




Why we love it


This Saj! Our tetas are jealous. Many cool combos available and vegan / gluten free options available.


JDEED recommends


The Lebanese staple zaatar/jebneh, the kishk


Picture from Zomato

Em Ali

Gouraud Street, Gemmayze

70 702 002




Why we love it


A 100% gluten-free cuisine that really replicates original recipes with alternative ingredients.

There’s a wide choice of dishes to choose from as well as desserts and drinks.


JDEED recommends


The chocolate croissant, any pizza (buckwheat or rice flour and you can choose the vegan cheese to make it dairy free), the lentil soup, the vegan burger.


Kitchen Confidential Instagram


Kitchen Confidential

Independance Street, Achrafieh

01 201 353



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