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Bahrain by Hala Kaiksow

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We have asked our favourite Bahraini designer Hala Kaiksow to give us her treasured spots in her native country. And for having tried Mirai we can only agree with her ! Tip : ask for black rice makis.


Favorite Restaurant:

Personally my all time favorite is a restaurant called Mirai, they offer the most delicious Japanese food! It’s located in Adliya, a really fun area that constantly has exciting events going on!
Favorite Shop:
I really enjoy gardening when I’m not in the studio working so I would say walking around plant shops in an area called Sanabis is something I really enjoy!
Favorite Site:
I really love our ancient forts there are a few around the island, my favorite is the Bahrain Fort, it’s such a beautiful place to take a walk and really grasp the history of all the previous civilizations that inhabited the land.