AZZI & OSTA | An ode to Studio 54 for Fall-Winter 19/20

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Lebanese designers AZZI & OSTA are bringing the late 70s party vibes back to trend with a Fall-Winter 19-20 collection inspired by the Studio 54 era. Think embroideries, plumetis (dotted tulle), lamé, gold, ruffles: it’s an amplified femininity, celebrating freedom and woman power.



Entitled ” Rewind to 00:54″, the collection projects us in a funky crowd where it rains glitters, glamour and bold Disco moves. AZZI & OSTA remain true to their brand’s DNA that is all about fabric manipulation and structured volumes that they have now taken to a new stage of elaborated swirly ruffles and peplums, seen as a translation of dance moves into beautiful nighttime outfits.

“Inspired by the Studio extravagant event invitations, the designers selected a single motif from the ‘78 Valentine Party” invitation and embroidered it on a silver bomber jacket.” These sole words are enough to transport us to the dancefloor. A dancefloor where wire Lurex, sparkle jacquard, leopard print, disco faux fur, confetti embroidery, multicolored abstract leopard embroidery, tulle, Volante, and the brand’s favorites: crepe and double satin are stealing the lights. The colors, too, create an additional wow effect: we’re talking “Pink Icing, Martini Olive, Golden Lime, Lipstick Red, Stardust White and Night Black, along with glittery and sparkly fabrics as well as iridescent multicolored embroidery”. Get on your dancing shoes.



“It was a thrilling journey in time through photos, articles and music, to the golden age of Studio 54, this fortress of glam at a time where social media and cell phones didn’t even exist, at an era when life was simple and carefree” says duo designers AZZI & OSTA.

The long fur coat is faux, adding an extra and ethical glamour to the whole line-up and reminding us of the brand’s values against the use of animal skins.  2020 is starting on a high note.



Photography/Mohammad Abdouni