The Show | An editorial by Youssef Sherif

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Young Egyptian photographer Youssef Sherif drags us into his world with this editorial shot in Cairo named “The Show”. Youssef wants to break the stereotypes about Arab cultures and elevate the Egyptian youth.





“The world is a mess right now, and we need to find some sort of a distraction.


-Glad you’ve asked, Do you like watching shows?

-Yes, I do!

-Great, I bet you’ll like this one! These are the stages of the human being’s development portrayed in the simplest way possible.

Now kick your feet up and enjoy the Show..”










Creative Team

Photography and Art direction:  Youssef Sherif @usfsherif

Stylist and assistant art director:  Mazen Zaki @mazenzaki14 

Model: Mohamed Sani @mohamedsani_

Suit by Kojak Studio @kojakstudio