Focus on Luchina Akhmad, Palestinian illustrator

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Kicked off last week, our weekly Focus On Palestine is today shedding light on the work of Luchina Akhmad, a Dubai-based illustrator.
Using art to share stories, Luchina explores traditional Palestinian traditions to bring them to the world.
Discover her work below.

Tell us more about you, Luchina.

“I’ m Luchina Akhmad, a Palestinian freelance illustrator based in Dubai, whose art is a vivid tapestry of stories and cultures. As part of the diaspora in the vibrant city of Dubai, I have found a canvas to express the rich narratives of identity, heritage, and human experience that I encounter. The multicultural environment serves as a dynamic backdrop for my illustrations, integrating the threads of various cultures (…)

(…)Focusing on storytelling through art, I invite viewers on a visual journey that transcends borders. My illustrations reflect a personal exploration of Palestinian traditions, the broader tapestry of global diaspora experiences, and the stories of individuals around me.

As a freelance illustrator, I collaborate both locally and internationally, showcasing the power of visual storytelling to connect and understand.”

“I invite viewers on a visual journey that transcends borders.”

Find out more about Luchina’s work, right here.