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Amongst Few Café

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The Amongst Few family- comprising an urban, avant-garde concept store, recently opened the doors of its aesthetically similar-looking Amongst Few Café.




We’re not even sure where to start with considering we loved the place, the food, the free wifi that doesn’t require you to fill-in an annoying questionnaire before getting online, the juices, the coffee, the staff and the owners.

Let’s just maybe talk about the pancakes first.




We brought a friend along, who did not particularly like pancakes before but clearly reconciled with these fluffy wonders:  “they’re the best I have ever tasted in my life “– which we happened to hear again several time during the day. We even ended up wishing they were a bit less delicious.

Served here in a banana version, the over-the-top ingredient that made THE difference was without the shadow of a doubt this extra creamy yet dairy-free avocado ice-cream. Have we ever had tastier dairy-free ice-cream before? No. Not even the one from Laboratorio del Gelato in NYC? No. And that says it all.

The sempiternal avo-toast is here pimped with some feta and asparagus. The cappuccino can be made with soya or almond milk. And if we sadly only had room for two brunch items, the granola and French Toast will probably make us travel to Dubai soon again only to give them a try.




Lunch and dinner are also available with a menu that includes British, Thai, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese fusion food. Fair trade coffee sourced straight from Ethiopia’s famous Kaffa province and roasted in the UAE, organic dairy and meats…Quality is the number one priority at Amongst Few.




That was for the main and most important part, food. Now the place itself is worth a visit. A beautifully arranged space with common tables, cement and a big terrace overlooking the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque. What made us fall in love with this place is the amazing job they’re doing to break people’s misconceptions of Dubai. Here no bling, no decor extravaganza, no 500 stores mall in the perimeter, just a raw architecture and a terribly efficient menu.




Want to know more about this dope place? It’s here

Palm Strip
Jumeirah Beach Road
Jumeirah 1
United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm Daily

P. +971 (0)56 216 7976

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