The Hayaty Diaries and 3EIB’s “Material Woman” world

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The Arab art and fashion scene is ablaze with the emergence of Hayaty Diaries and 3EIB’s London-based “Material Woman”, a celebration of the enduring spirit and artistic prowess of women across the region.

By Désirée Barreto

Material Woman features artists Yasmina Hilal, hailing from Lebanon,  Zayn Qahtani from Bahrain and Egyptian artist Hanya Elghamry, who deftly navigate textiles, push boundaries with bold experiments in latex and metal and weave fabric into narratives of resilience and empowerment.

The designers are equally captivating. Celine Dagher of Lebanon challenges conventions with her 3D jewellery. Nadine Mos, womenswear designer and sculptor from Egypt celebrates the form of the body with her wok that evokes a sense of “home”, drawing inspiration from her heritage to convey stories that are as personal as they are approachable .. Meanwhile Brooklyn-based Moroccan designer Hanan Sharifa crafts garments that speak to the strength and femininity of the modern woman, infusing fantasies into fabrics and creating purposeful garments for dreamers, creatives and the statement-makers alike.

Hosted at Soho Revue in London and supported by Hayaty Diaries and 3EIB, this movement is committed to reshaping cultural narratives. Keep posted as these visionaries redefine the boundaries of fashion and art, inspiring a new era of unabashed self-expression and innovation.

The exhibition opens with a ticketed event on Friday 17th -that has now sold out- and will be running throughout the week-end.

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