Khzanet Gaza: FabricAID launches donation campaign to keep Gazans warm

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FabricAid launches a donation campaign to keep the people of Gaza warm. The Lebanese social enterprise founded in 2017 was created to “establish a socially and environmentally conscious value chain for the apparel industry by optimizing the collection, sorting, up-cycling, and resale of second hand clothes through socially conscious and sustainable brands.“*

Today, it is hoping to gather 100.000 clothing donations to send to the people of Gaza ahead of the colder months.

This campaign initiative is spread across Lebanon, and easily accessible collection points were created, in collaboration with location companies and NGOs that work on ensuring accessibility for all.

Locations for drop-off include Al Jarrah Scout and various other locations throughout Lebanon, which you can find on FabricAID’s website, here.

What is mostly asked are blankets, sleeping bags, and preferably winter clothing, ahead of the colder months. The donations will then be sorted at the FabricAID warehouse before being transported to Egypt, where they will be held at the border awaiting the aid gates to open.

FabriAID representatives express: “this strategic approach ensures that your contributions reach swiftly and efficiently, making a significant impact on the lives of the Ghazan population. We appreciate the support of all location companies and NGOs in making this campaign a reality and providing warmth and hope to those in need during these trying times.

Remember that together, we can make a difference.

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