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Discover Libas, the Arab platform for pre-loved luxury

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| The story of Libas started in a coffeeshop in Beirut in 2021, when two fresh graduates of the same university, Paolo Khayat & Yasmina Noueihed , were having a chat; both shared the heavy feeling that the world was crumbling.

But at only 23, these two young minds had big dreams. Yasmina was an avid fashion shopper who would always look for unique pre-loved pieces online, but always faced the fear of not receiving the real deal. Paolo, was always environmentally mindful & an e-commerce enthusiast; he was particularly concerned about the dreadful environmental consequences of fast fashion.

Both knew that the Arab region had to play its role to diversify and elevate the offering for not only pre-loved luxury , but also for eco-conscious shopping solutions. 

Driven by the thirst to make an impact, and with the help of an amazing team, they successfully built the Middle East’s first community-powered marketplace for pre-loved designer gems: Libas.

In their words, they’re on “a mission to revolutionize the luxury fashion industry in the Arab world.” Their motto? “Promoting a more circular fashion industry and developing technology tools to fight counterfeit goods thus ensuring a more sustainable fashion industry.”

We discover Libas below.

A shot of a flower-filled Christian Dior Book tote on a pink-hued, neutral-colored background.

Hi guys! Tell us; what makes Libas different from its competitors?

Unlike anyone else in the region, Libas is a community-driven & seller-focused platform. It allows sellers and consignors to price, edit, and manage their inventory as they please. In turn, community members enjoy a double layer of authentication. The first layer is performed by trusted businesses on the platform, and the second layer is provided through Libas’ meticulous authentication process. Libas has a team of dedicated experts who ensure that all products sold through the platform are genuine.

Therefore, both sellers and customers (buyers) are part of a community with a purpose– the Fashion-Disruptors Community. This community aims to make a sustainable impact with each sale and purchase of pre-loved luxury. Its members are empowered by entrepreneurship, technology, and responsibility, as they connect with one another, make offers and counteroffers, and engage in win-win deals while making conscious choices that shape a better future!

What type of products can we find and sell on the website?

The Libas platform comprises both an app and a website, offering a wide range of unique, vintage and discontinued luxury fashion brands! Whatever luxury items are on your wishlist, you can find them there at a great price, up to 70% off retail. You’ll be able to discover exclusive vintage finds that are hard to find elsewhere, trendy luxury drops, classic pieces, and hundreds of unique catches. Catering to all men, women, and soon kids, rest assured there’s something for everyone. 
Libas only limits the sale of items produced by fast fashion brands.

Female model wearing jeans, a pink blouse, and a black blazer and shooting for the Louis Vuitton Eva . Photography/ Lara Zankoul

How do you ensure authenticity?

As mentioned ,Libas features a 2-layer authenticity check on each item sold through its platforms. Firstly, an initial authentication is performed by trusted businesses on the platform, which is followed by a second layer, provided by Libas’ meticulous authentication process. Our team of experts are there to make sure all our offering is genuine.
The team follows a meticulous procedure that checks the quality of the materials used, the look and feel of the hardware, the stitching , logos, fonts, date codes and serial numbers amongst other characteristics of the item to achieve a verdict. We offer a lifetime authenticity certificate that guarantees each and every item being sold through our platforms is genuine.

What are you hoping to achieve with Libas in the future?

Our vision is to become the Middle East’s go-to platform for pre-loved luxuries. To achieve this, we are dedicated to solving the industry’s biggest pain point: authenticity. In the near future, we’re working to introduce a third layer of authentication through an in-house AI authentication system. This will make Libas the Arab world’s only platform to offer a 3-layer authentication process.

What are some of the hottest pieces of the season currently available?

Some pieces are simply too dope to miss out on this season. We’re so obsessed with the new arrivals of early 2000s Vintage Valentino items. There are also some incredibly cool Vintage Miu Miu and Chanel creations that have us completely hooked. Not to mention that we’re absolutely loving some of the most exclusive runway stunners that are nowhere else to be found.


From top left:
1- Oran Mules Hermès 2- Celine Large Triomphe Panier 3- Miu Miu Lace Collared Top 4-Celine Triomphe Wallet 5-Loewe sunglasses 6- Celine Wool A-line Skirt

Discover Libas, shop and sell right here!