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We bet ZOME Design’s colored gemstones will be your new BFF

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Remember this name: Zome Design is the jewelry brand that will be on everyone’s lips in no time. Founded by creative extarordinaire Meghna Biswas, Zome merges masterful craftsmanship with the vibrancy of colored gemstones, creating incredible pieces that are a testimony of their wearers’ personalities and uniqueness.

The newly launched label is rapidly becoming a trusted name on the scene, with a mission to “celebrate the allure of colored gemstones and transform them into wearable art.” Aiming to become a regional leader for everything gemstones and extraordinary pieces, Zome unveiled a show-stopping debut collection that imposes the designs as a new benchmark of style, colors and experimentations in the region.
We spoke to Biswas to know more about the brand and her plans.

Hi Meghna! Tell us, How did you decide to launch your own brand?

After years of honing my skills and exploring various design philosophies, I felt a deep desire to create a brand that truly reflects my vision and artistic voice. My background as an interior designer has always fueled my passion for all fields of design and creation, especially the play of forms, colors, and patterns. This naturally led me to explore the world of multi-gemstone jewelry. I wanted to bring something unique to the market, combining the traditional elegance of fine jewelry with avant-garde designs and innovative techniques like enameling and filigree, and multi purpose pieces. And thus, Zome was conceptualized.

“Bold & edgy , distinctive, and innovative – our brand pushes the boundaries of traditional jewelry design”

What is your favourite stone to work with?

Tourmalines are my favorite stones to work with. Its wide range of colors and unique properties allow for endless creativity and experimentation in my designs. Each tourmaline stone has its own personality, which makes every piece special and one of its kind.

Is there a specific woman that you have in mind when creating? Any iconic personality

I often envision a woman who is bold, sophisticated, independent and unapologetically herself, much like Frida Kahlo. Her vibrant personality, artistic talent, and strength inspire me to create pieces that celebrate individuality, courage and uniqueness.

How would you define the brand in 3 words?

Bold & edgy , distinctive, and innovative – our brand pushes the boundaries of traditional jewelry design, creating pieces that make a striking statement and stand out in any collection.

Discover more about ZOME, on their Instagram, here.