Tony Ward just presented “Magnification”, the house’s SS22 Couture Collection

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Tony Ward embarks on yet another illustrious Haute Couture journey for his Spring Summer 2022 collection. Unveiled at Paris Fashion Week, Ward showcased a total of 40 intricately executed garments, including an extravagant wedding dress. The collection themed “Magnification” nudged fashion enthusiasts and lovers of the Ward Ateliers to admire the unveiled creations on a deeper level. Taking a closer look: 

By Kim Makhlouf

The runway was sometimes emboldened by its vivacious greens, blue hues and fiery reds of a hot summer, while still maintaining grace, inserting refined regency with rose gold pinks, silvers and black. 

Exclusively in Ward’s words: “The collection is inspired by macro-photography, so many surprises when you zoom in, more work in the Ateliers & more hands working on the embroideries: Macro Couture equals Macro Work!

Often embodying organic shapes and exaggerated dimensions, the garments adorned with patterns seemingly muted at first sight transform into oversized wonders as you pay closer attention to the soulful works of art. 

It’s a wild collection, lustrous. Featuring bright monochromatic pieces, fragmented beads, a whirl of colors, yet the collection is linear, true to its legacy. 

However much these creations are meant to elicit a surprise factor from the audience, somewhat of a Wowza, their purpose transcends just couture. One of Lebanon’s most luxuriant designers, Tony Ward celebrated 25 years of his exceptional discipline, commitment and fashion ensembles. 

An ode to his father’s, Elie Ward, long standing legacy, “Magnification” memorialized the fashion house’s 70 years of exceptional couture. 

Discover more on Tony Ward’s website, here